Car Parks and On Street Parking

Car Parks and On Street Parking

In Newcastle the council has:

  • 9 multi storey car parks
  • 52 off street car parks
  • around 2,200 street parking bays

On this page you will find:

Where to park

You can find out where our car parks are on our:

Please note that the car parks listed may be subject to disruption or closures. For the latest information see our:

Parking prices

For details of how much it costs to park see our:

Using our car parks

Check the tariff board in the car park or any sign in the bay in which you have parked to see if you need to:

  • Purchase a valid ticket from the ticket machine
  • have a valid permit 
  • pay using the PayByPhone app, website or phone system

If buying a ticket from a ticket machine you should read:

  • the tariff information board next to the machine

The information provided may include:

  • car park opening times
  • how much it costs to park
  • the days and times that charges apply
  • when it is free to park
  • the different options for how you can pay
  • the location code to pay by mobile phone
  • any other conditions of parking

Some of our parking bays are reserved for particular types of motorist or vehicle. This includes:

  • disabled blue badge holders
  • electric vehicles
  • motorcycles
  • season ticket or permit holders

Failing to follow the rules or parking in a reserved bay if you shouldn’t park there could lead to a fine.

Paying for parking

Please do not use any QR code that is displayed in any of our car parks to make a payment to park.  We do not take payments via QR code.  Please see the tariff board for information on the correct options for payment.

Cashless parking - we are currently in the process of going cashless, so machines will accept coins until the ticket machine is upgraded. Please click here for a list of our car parking that is now cashless. 

Further information of cashless parking can also be found below and on our frequently asked questions

A document outlining what was considered and who we engaged with for the proposal to go fully cashless for parking charges can be found here

Our car parks and bays offer a variety of ways to pay for your parking.

This may include:

  • coins  – payment by coin is only available until the machine has been upgraded to accept card, which we anticipate to have been fully completed by the end of April 2024. 
  • credit or debit card 
  • PayByPhone including through their app, phone line or via text message 
  • permits or season tickets 


Pay with a credit or debit card – Pre-Pay

We are upgrading all of our ticket machines to accept card payments. Pre-pay – where you select on arrival how long you want to stay for – this payment option will be available in all of our parking places once the ticket machine has been upgraded. 

Blue badge holders who pay this way will get their first hour of parking for free. 


To see a video tutorial on how use Pre-pay – 

For more information on Pre-pay please see - 

Pay with a credit or debit card – Check in Check out 

In addition to Pre-pay, our car parks with no maximum stay restrictions will also have check in check out available, once machines have all been upgraded

  • tap your payment card on the ticket machine to start your parking (check-in) 
  • return to your vehicle later, and tap your card again to end your parking (Check-out) 
  • you will then be charged for the exact amount of time that you parked 

Please note this payment option is for same day parking only. Anyone not checked out by the end of the chargeable parking period for that day will be automatically checked out.

Blue badge holders who pay this way will get their first hour of parking for free.


To see a video tutorial on how use Check in Check out –

For more information on Check in Check out please see

See our pay for car parking by credit or debit card page for more information, including what to do:

  • if you forgot to check out
  • were unable to check out
  • believe you were overcharged

Pay by mobile phone

We offer PayByPhone system at every parking place

This gives you a way to pay for parking using a credit or debit card, via a mobile phone app, on the PayByPhone websiteover the phone, or via text messaging.

To see video tutorials on how use PayByPhone please see the following links:

Main Page

How to pay Via IVR (ringing the telephone line)

How to use the Maps

Create a session via ios

3 simple steps

Create a session via IVR

Create a session via SMS

Registration process

For more information see our page on how to:

Season ticket permits

Our season ticket permits can help save regular city centre car park users money.

For more information and to apply online see our page on:

Charges for blue badge holders

Car parks

Blue badge holders must pay to park in our car parks, whether you park in:

  • disabled bays
  • general chargeable parking bays

However, blue badge holders will receive the first hour free if using pre-pay or check in check out at the ticket machine, or a one hour grace period beyond the end of their paid for time if using PayByPhone.  

That means, for example, if you have paid until 3pm, your vehicle can remain parked until 4pm. 

On street parking

Blue badge holders may still park for free in our street parking bays.

Parking for larger vehicles

Vehicles that are longer than 6.1 metres cannot use our car parks.

Taller vehicles may also not be able to use our multi-storey car parks. For information see our:

There are no height restrictions in our surface car parks.

Heavy goods vehicles and coaches

We have one heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and coach park at:

  • Ord Street, NE4 7AD (by the Utilita Arena Newcastle) 
  • For more information please call 0191 278 7799 

If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail, with your contact details and We will contact you back as soon as possible. 


We make every effort to cater for requests to park motorhomes in our car parks.

If you want to park a motorhome please:

  • Call 0191 278 7799

We can then discuss with you the size of the vehicle and where you would like to park it. Car park height restrictions may apply. If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail, with your contact details and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Off street parking VAT number

If you are claiming parking expenses from your employer you may need a VAT number.

Our car park VAT registration number is:

  • 178208251

Secure cycle storage

We have now secure bicycle cages in Eldon Garden Multi-Storey car Park  We invite anyone interested in using the facility to fill in an online form, pay a £15 deposit and receive a fob which provides access to the cages during the car park’s opening hours. We are looking to encourage more people to bring bikes into the city centre, whilst reducing the risk of thefts occurring.

The terms and conditions of use for this facility can be found here 

If you want to promote your business to our car park customers see our page on:

Contact us

If you have a general query about where you can park, or want to report a broken ticket machine:

  • Call our Customer Response Team on 0191 278 7799 

If we are unable to answer your call please either:

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