Parking Dispensations

Parking Dispensations

What is a Dispensation?

The Council recognises that there may be occasions where it is necessary for a vehicle to be parked adjacent to a property on a section of public highway governed by waiting restrictions.  Although vehicles are generally not allowed to park adjacent to yellow line restrictions or in pedestrian zones, if it is considered essential that the vehicle must be parked nearby then, in certain circumstances, the Council will issue a dispensation notice.   This Notice will allow a vehicle to park lawfully, in what would otherwise be a contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.

Each application for a dispensation will be considered on its own merits taking into account the proximity of the nearest marked parking or loading bay and whether the activity for which the dispensation is sought could reasonably be conducted from that bay. The Council will also consider local traffic factors when making its decision.

When is a Dispensation appropriate?

Dispensations should only be considered if there are no pay and display bays or loading bays in the vicinity, which would suffice for the activity taking place.

Based on the above qualifications, dispensations can be issued for:

  • Furniture removal vehicles engaged in furniture removal;
  • Goods vehicles making large deliveries in respect of which it is reasonable to allow a longer period than the period normally permitted by the Traffic Regulation Order;
  • Goods vehicles delivering bulky and/or heavy items where it would be impossible or hugely impractical to carry the item from the nearest parking place;

The bridal and attendant's vehicles at weddings.

What does a dispensation allow the vehicle driver to do?

A dispensation authorises a vehicle to park in contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.  It allows parking where alternative arrangements cannot be made for the following principal reasons:

  • Loading/unloading where the highway is subject to a formal loading restriction;
  • Loading/unloading where the limited stay period is insufficient to complete the activities;
  • Situations where the dispensation maintains road safety and supports the expeditious movement of traffic on the highway network.

What does a dispensation not allow a driver to do?

A dispensation does not permit general parking, nor does it allow the vehicle to remain in the restricted/prohibited area once the dispensation purpose has been fulfilled.  The vehicle must be parked in accordance with the location, date and time and purpose specified on the dispensation notice and leave either as soon as the dispensation expires or when the purpose for which the dispensation is granted is completed.

Dispensations will not be issued for:

  • Applications where parking may adversely affect the operation of disabled bays / doctors parking bays / taxi ranks or bus stops;
  • Applications where a dispensation is sought to cover a period during which loading restrictions are in force;
  • Locations within 50 metres of a signal controlled junction or pedestrian crossing markings, locations on a footway or any other location where parking may cause danger to pedestrians and/or road users or have the potential to cause serious obstruction/traffic flow impediment.

What will happen if a dispensation is not being applied correctly?

Enforcement Officers will be briefed on the issue of dispensation notices for their area on a daily basis.

A Penalty Charge Notice should be issued where the terms of the dispensation are not being complied with, for example if the vehicle is waiting at a different location, outside the times and date shown on the dispensation notice or is waiting for a different purpose.

When should a dispensation be applied for?

An application should be made at least 3 working days before the required date to allow the Council to inspect the site, if necessary, before approval is given.

How do I do it?

To apply for a dispensation please apply online – Apply for a Dispensation 

What are the charges for a dispensation?

A charge of £30 per vehicle per dispensation is to be made.  There is no discount for multiple days, weeks or months or for periods of less than a day.

How do I pay for it?

For dispensations, in line with corporate policy, there is a requirement to pay in advance of the dispensation being approved. Payment can be made via cheque (made payable to Newcastle City Council) or by payment card - please ring Parking Services on 0191 277 2737 for more information. 

Information regarding how your personal data may be collected, processed, shared and retained following your application for a parking dispensation can be found here.

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