Press office

Press office

Our communications and marketing team:

  • handle press enquiries
  • promote the council
  • run our social media accounts

Press enquiries

Our press office is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

It should be your first port of call for all media enquiries.

If you have a media enquiry the quickest way to contact us is to:

For urgent out of hours press enquiries:

  • call 07766 442 597

What we offer media

Our press officers can:

  • answer questions
  • provide statements
  • arrange interviews with councillors and senior officers
  • set up photo opportunities
  • help with filming requests
  • support coverage of public council meetings
  • assist with any other reasonable media request


For our latest news and press releases see our Citylife pages.

Filming requests

If you want to film in public spaces or in and around roads in Newcastle you should email the press office with the:

  • date
  • time
  • location
  • size of your crew
  • reason for filming
  • emergency contact details

Please also let us know if your plans:

We will then, with staff in our highways and events teams, help you with your request.

Even if we are happy for you to proceed you must inform police of your plans by:

When filming we ask that you:

  • where possible, use public car parks
  • do not leave equipment, regardless of size or value, unattended 
  • obey all parking restrictions and traffic signs
  • do not park on any footpaths, even to load or unload equipment
  • allow pedestrians to pass, without having to go into the road
  • do not stop traffic

Filming in parks

Urban Green Newcastle manage Newcastle's 33 parks and 61 allotments.

If you want to film in a park:

Filming on private property

If you want to film on private property then you must arrange this with its owners or managers. This includes:

  • Central Station
  • Metro stations
  • Eldon Square

Social media

We use social media to keep residents up to date with the latest information.

Follow us on:

Find out more about how we use social media.

Consent to use photos and video of you

If we take your photo or film you for marketing or publicity purposes we'll ask you to fill out our:

By consenting you agree we will:

  • hold photos or video featuring you for two years from the date produced
  • use them on the channels you select

You can withdraw your consent at any time.

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Is this page useful?