Newcastle City Council operates 8 city centre multi-storey car parks and 47 surface car parks. The Alive after Five initiative supports the evening economy for businesses in the city centre by providing free parking in all council operated multi-storey car parks after 5pm from Monday to Saturday (with the exception of Stadium car park). There are bays within the car parks, such as Citypark permit bays; electric vehicle charging bays; car club bays and disabled bays where the Alive after Five promotion does not apply as these bays are reserved for certain motorists only. Alive after Five is not in operation in any of the Council operated surface car parks and the tariff boards will confirm charging periods.

Over 4 million pay and display tickets are purchased for parking sessions each year and we have opportunities for businesses to reach these customers through paid for advertising on the reverse of pay and display tickets.  If you would like to explore whether your business or organisation would like to place an advertisement, please contact Jacqueline Smith on:
• Email -
• Direct line telephone - 01788 824411 or 01754 613101

Current closures and restrictions in place and event parking

  • Drivers are recommended to drive with care when entering and leaving the Civic Centre underground car park as there is ongoing refurbishment work within the car park.


  • One section of Blandford Square car park will be closed due to essential maintenance work from Monday 06 August 2018 with the work projected to take 2-3 days.  Holders of permits for this car park can use Grainger Town car park during this period.


  • Claremont Road car park will be closed all day on Sunday 12 August 2018 due to essential maintenance in the car park.

  • The Newcastle Mela event will take place in Exhibition Park on Sunday 26 August 2018 and Monday 27 August 2018.  There are a variety of off-street car parks within walking distance of the event with no maximum stay and a £3.00 flat rate applied on Sundays.  These car parks include Claremont Road; Civic Centre; Sandyford Square; College Street; Morden Street and the Multi-Storey Car Parks at Eldon Garden and Eldon Square.  Payment by mobile phone is available in all car parks, with Check In Check Out contactless payment also available in Eldon Garden and Eldon Square car parks.  Eldon Garden and Eldon Square car parks will close at 6.00pm on the Sunday and 10.00pm on the Monday.


  • Motorists are advised that there is ongoing repairs and maintenance work being undertaken in Manors Multi-Storey Car Park until further notice.  During this period the capacity of the car park will be reduced as areas will be cordoned off for safety reasons.  Permit holders may also be re-located during this period if marked permit bays fall within the areas where work is being carried out.


  • On match days at St James’ Park the Stadium car park will be suspended from general use to support match day activities.  Holders of Citypark permits for this car park will be able to use the permit in any Newcastle City Council operated car park on these dates.  Due to road closures around the Stadium drivers are advised that they may face delays accessing and exiting car parks in the area.  The next confirmed match dates at St James’ Park are Saturday 11 August; Sunday 26 August; Saturday 15 September and Saturday 29 September.


  • There are temporary road closures in Newcastle City Centre between 2.00pm and 3.15pm on Sunday 26 August 2018.  Motorists are advised that during this period traffic around Blackett Street; St Marys Place; Barras Bridge and Claremont Road could be subject to delays.



  • The Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete will be held in Leazes Park between 11.00am and 5.00pm on both Saturday 01 September 2018 and Sunday 02 September 2018.  For people wishing to attend this event the nearest off-street car parks are located at Leazes Park; Leazes Park Road; Stadium and Terrace Place South.  There is no maximum stay at these car parks and a £3.00 flat charge is in operation on the Sunday for the core period of 8.00am to 6.00pm.  Cashless parking by mobile phone is in operation at all these locations.

  • Claremont Road car park will be closed from 6.45am to 6.00pm on Sunday 09 September 2018 due to road closures to support the operation of the Great North Run.  Motorists wishing to park close to the starting point of the run are advised to head to car parks at Eldon Garden; Eldon Square; Morden Street; Stadium; College Street; Sandyford Square, Civic Centre or Civic Centre Registrars.  A flat rate daily charge of £3.00 operates at these car parks from 8.00am to 6.00pm and there are no maximum stays at these car parks.  Parking charges at Stadium car park apply until 10.00pm.  Eldon Garden, Eldon Square and Civic Centre car parks are due to close at 6.00pm on this date.


  • Due to a series of road closures in the Quayside area between 6.00am and 8.00pm on Saturday 08 September 2018 to support the operation of the Junior Great North Run Akenside Hill and Close Swing Bridge car parks will be closed during this period.  Guildhall permit holders can use their permits in pay and display bays in nearby City Council operated car parks or in pay and display bays on Dean Street and Grey Street. Access to and exit from Merchants House car park will be temporarily affected during lunchtime between 4.00pm and 5.00pm while the event passes the car park.  Access to and exit from Quayside Multi-Storey car park will be via City Road only during this event.


Using our car parks

Motorists are strongly advised to consult the tariff board adjacent to the ticket machine for details of the exact charges; the times that charges apply and opening times, as these vary between car parks and are subject to change. Motorists also need to be aware of the terms and conditions of use of the car park to avoid being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice and these are displayed on each tariff board within the car park.

Whilst maximum stays operate in many on-street areas and are designed for a quicker turnaround of vehicles, off-street car parks can be used for longer-term parking, with details on tariff boards of the hourly rates or flat rates that would apply for the length of time that your vehicle is parked.  PayByPhone cashless parking is also available across the network of our city centre car parks and may provide a convenient method of paying for a longer stay.  Cashless parking by using a contactless payment method with your payment card is also being trialled at Eldon Square and Eldon Garden Multi-Storey Car parks.

Some bays within the car park are reserved for certain types of motorists only, such as disabled blue badge holders; motorcycle bays; electric vehicle charging bays and Citypark permit holders. Please check carefully for any signage for the bay in which you park – this can be displayed at differing height levels depending upon the configuration of the car park.

Motorists are also advised to carry a supply of coins as the ticket machines generally take 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. The ticket machines do not give change. Payment cannot be made at the ticket machines by cash notes or by credit or debit card, (except for a current trail of contactless payment by payment card at Eldon Square car park), but cashless parking is possible via mobile phone at participating car parks as detailed here .

Vehicles parked and clearly displaying a valid blue badge in the prescribed manner can park free of charge in all Newcastle City Council operated car parks in disabled bays and pay-and-display bays. The blue badge does not provide exemption from other bays reserved from general use, such as Citypark permit bays.

Please note that payment can be made at the ticket machine or by mobile phone (at participating pay by phone car parks) during the period where no charge is due if you plan to leave your vehicle at this car park into the chargeable period.

If you encounter a problem or think you have been mischarged whilst using the Paybyphone service, please contact Paybyphone by email to, so they can investigate and arrange to make payment of an overcharge to the account payment was taken from.

If you believe you have been overcharged whilst using the trial of contactless payment machines at Eldon Square or Eldon Garden car parks please complete the online form available here.  This form will enable us to collect all the required information to process your refund request and allow you to attach a scanned image of any supporting evidence, such as a pay and display ticket.

On arrival at an off-street car part a pay-and-display ticket should be purchased from a machine and displayed clearly. If payment by mobile phone is available in the car park you may choose this method of payment. Alternatively a valid permit should be displayed. For general queries regarding areas where you can park please contact Parking Services on 0191 261 4503 (between 8.00am and 6.00pm, all days).

HGV and coach parking

There is one HGV and coach park on Ord Street by the Metro Radio Arena. For further information, please contact the Parking Department on 0191 261 4503.

Parking for motorhomes

Newcastle Parking Services make every effort to cater to requests for motorhomes to be parked within one of the council run car parks.

So that your motorhome can be parked safely and legally and to avoid difficulties, please contact the Parking Enforcement Supervisors in the first instance on 0191 277 2739 to discuss the size of the vehicle to be parked and the area that you would like to park it in.

Details of height restrictions for multi-storey car parks can be found below.  The HGV parking facility at Ord Street, NE4 7AD can also be used for parking a motorhome.

Vehicle size restrictions

There is a condition of use of the car parks operated by Newcastle City Council that vehicles exceeding a maximum weight of 1524kg or a length of 6.1 metres may not use the car park facility.

The following height restrictions are in place at multi-storey car parks operated by Newcastle City Council. Please note that no height restrictions are in place across the network of open-air surface car parks.

Car park Height Restriction (Feet) Height Restriction (Metres)
Civic Centre underground (public parking on weekends and Bank Holidays) 7ft 2.13m
Dean Street 6ft 7in 2.01m
Eldon Garden 6ft 6in 1.98m
Eldon Square 6ft 6in 1.98m
Grainger Town 6ft 10in 2.08m
Manors 6ft 7in 2.01m
Oxford 6ft 1.83m
Quayside 6ft 6in 1.98m
Stadium 6ft 11in 2.11m

Off-street parking VAT number

Please note that if you wish to claim parking expenses from your employer the VAT registration number for Newcastle City Council Off-Street car parks is 178208251.

CityPark permits

If you are a regular user of the City Centre car parks then you may be interested in a City Park permit.

Car park advertising

There are 6 sheet, A0 and A3 poster advertising boxes are available across the network of Council operated Multi Storey car parks in the city centre. If you are interested in promoting your business to customers using these busy facilities please contact Jacqueline Huston, Sponsorship Officer via email or phone 0191 277 8913 for details of availability and costs.

Advertisements can also be placed on the reverse of the pay and display tickets issued from ticket machines in car parks and charged parking areas on-street.  If your company or organisation would like to explore the option of placing an advertisement in this way, please contact Alex Lee of Adverticket by email to or by telephone on 01482 371376.

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15 August 2018
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