Newcastle City Council operates approximately 2,200 on-street parking places.

Parking charges on the street in Newcastle are operational every day of the week and apply throughout the year, including Bank Holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, 25 December.

The method of charging for parking on the street is as follows:

Payment at a ticket machine or by cashless parking at the locations where payment by mobile phone was introduced from Monday 19 September 2016. These charges apply between 8am and 6.30pm, every day in the City Centre. These charges also apply between 8am and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday outside of the City Centre. Motorists are required to pay the appropriate fee between these hours. Details of the charges and any maximum stay periods  can be found on each ticket machine.

If you encounter a problem or think you have been mischarged whilst using the Paybyphone service, please contact Paybyphone by email to, so they can investigate and arrange to make payment of an overcharge to the account payment was taken from.

The Alive after Five initiative that operates in most of the Council operated multi-storey car parks does not apply for on-street parking areas. Further details about Alive after Five can be found here.

Motorists are advised to carry out a supply of coins as the ticket machines generally take 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. The ticket machines do not give change.

Current road closures affecting access to on-street parking areas:

• Due to a construction project, the entire length of Rutherford Street will be closed from 25 September 2017 until 25 March 2019;

• Temporary road closures will be in place on Sunday 18 February 2018 along the route of a Parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  The following on-street parking areas will be subject to a road closure between 10.45am and 5.00pm, so parking will be unavailable during this period:
o Bath Lane;
o Blackfriars Court;
o Charlotte Square;
o Cross Street;
o Fenkle Street;
o Friars Street;
o St Andrews Street
o Stowell Street

All pay and display bays on St Thomas Terrace and 10 pay and display bays on Queen Victoria Road will be reserved from general use between Monday 19 February 2018 and Friday 23 February 2018 due to highway maintenance work.

Access and exit for the parking bays on Hood Street will be affected by a road closure on the northbound lane of Pilgrim Street between market Street and Blackett Street on Wednesday 07 March 2018 between midnight and 5.00am.  This is due to a road closure caused by an access platform being placed in the road to allow for roof inspections.

Visit our Permit Parking Schemes page for everything you need to know about areas where permit parking schemes operate and how to apply for permits if you live in an eligible property.

On-street parking provision in Newcastle

Details of on-street parking provision (as advised by the adjacent sign).

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19 February 2018
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