Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) Guidelines and Legal Orders

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) Guidelines and Legal Orders


Enforcement Guidelines

The Council's approach to parking enforcement is to be fair yet firm. These documents outline how we intend to deliver the best possible services to motorists and customers and what customers can expect from us.

Cancellation Guidelines 
These documents sets out the grounds specified by regulations on which a PCN can be cancelled following appeals made by a motorist. Under each specified ground guidance is given on the factors which will influence the Council in deciding whether or not that ground is satisfied and the PCN can be cancelled on appeal.

Differential Charging Guidelines (pdf, 99kb)
These documents outline what the penalty charges are and gives information on which contraventions apply to the higher and lower level charges. There are two levels of penalty charge, which reflect the seriousness of the parking contravention.

Parking Dispensations, Exemptions and Suspensions (pdf, 56kb)
This document outlines the circumstances in which a vehicle will be granted a dispensation or an exemption from the usual parking restrictions or where it is appropriate for bay/bays to be suspended from general use.

Legal Orders

The following links provide access to the main Parking Orders which came into force in 2009.  The Off-Street Parking Places Order was revised in 2021 and is available, as below.  New parking restrictions or changes to existing parking restrictions since 2009 are introduced via Variation Orders.  If you would like a copy of a Variation Order please provide details of the parking place (such as street or car park) and the type of parking restriction (such as yellow line waiting restriction; charged parking; loading bay) to Parking Services via email to . A copy of the Off-Street Parking Places Order 2009 can also be provided on request.

The City Of Newcastle Upon Tyne Traffic Regulation (Consolidation) Order 2009 (PDF, 12Mb)
The City Of Newcastle Upon Tyne (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2021 
The City Of Newcastle Upon Tyne (On Street Parking Places) Order 2009 (PDF, 3.7Mb)
The City Of Newcastle Upon Tyne (City Centre Controlled Parking Zone) Restriction Of Waiting Order 2009 (PDF, 145Kb)

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