Local Services and Waste Management response times

Local Services and Waste Management response times

We want to provide those who live, work and visit our city, with high quality neighbourhoods, and deliver a Newcastle that is clean and green, a city that wastes less and recycles more.

In the current climate of financial hardship we have seen an impact on frontline service delivery, however our dedicated teams are working hard to fulfil our ambitions.

We have set out below the local operational response times that we are working towards in line with the Council resources available. 

These will tell you how long we should take to response to certain service requests. You can find out more details about these services on their own web pages.

Service Response time
Refuse collection (General waste and recycling) General household waste and recycling waste is planned for collection on an alternating weekly basis, with 1 container emptied one week and a different container emptied the next.
Missed wheeled bins If our records show that our vehicles were on the street, bins will be collected at the next scheduled collection.
Missed assisted lifts will be done within 3 working days. Missed whole streets within 3 working days. A whole missed street could be because of inaccessibility due to parked cars, road works or a vehicle breakdown. Please note crews work Tuesday to Friday, so Monday is not counted as a working day.
Street sweeping Planned routes operate a 10 day street sweeping cycle. Additional customer requests will be done when operationally possible.
Overfilled litter bins Emptied at the next scheduled collection.
Repair litter bin Damaged litter bins to be inspected within 10 working days.
Replacement wheeled bins and caddies Any time within 40 working days, you will be given a delivery date when a replacement is ordered.
Dog fouling (pavements) Any time within 10 working days.
Graffiti (racist, sexist, offensive) Within 2 working days.
Fly-tipping Any time within 10 working days, 30 working days to investigate suspected fly-tippers.
Grass cutting Maximum number of cuts to the majority of city will be 8 per year; some sloped areas will not be cut; some areas will be cut less frequently.
Trees Emergency works will be responded to within 1 day to make safe. Non-emergency work will be inspected within 28 days -only if it relates to dead, damaged, diseased or dying trees as well as those causing  physical obstructions.
Dead animals (cats, dogs) Removed within 2 working days.

Requests for general shrub or hedge maintenance will see any necessary works carried out within 6 months.  Some work can only be done in the winter months outside the growing season. This will be prioritised according to which work is most urgently required but we are not able to give specific dates.

Drugs litter Removed within 1 working day.
Parks Parks will be managed through programmed maintenance as agreed with Urban Green Newcastle.
Hazardous waste Items will be inspected,  or made safe, or removed within 1 working day.  This depends on the nature of the waste.

Need more information?

If need any more information about these response times, please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Your Local Services."

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