Dead animals

If there is an dead animal in a public place, you can make a request for its removal by the Council.  We aim to remove dead animals within 2 working days. Please make a note on the report if it is safe to remove the animal. Please also give us as much useful information as possible such as the location and animal type and colour.

We do not remove dead animals from gardens or private property.

If you are wanting to check for dead pets we may have removed you need to contact our partner Suez. They have a chip scanner so they can check any dead cats or dogs they receive for microchip identification and owner information.

Their site is operational with frequent, heavy traffic on site. Residents cannot arrive on site without first contacting Suez and making arrangements with them directly.

Contact Suez via their online contact form only


We do not remove dead animals from private properties or private land. 

If it is a domestic pet you should contact the local vets or pet cemetery if you do not want to bury your pet in your garden. There is a pet crematorium at:

Pet Crematorium Services
Tile Shed Lane
East Boldon
Tyne and Wear
NE36 0BP

Phone: 0191 519 3452

If you have any problems with the online form, please phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for "Envirocall."

Contact Suez: