Street care and cleansing

Street care and cleansing

Photo of staff picking litter

How clean a city is makes a huge difference to the quality of life of local people.

We all want to live in places that are clean, green and safe. It also affects how attractive a city is to visitors and businesses.

Our Local Services Teams work hard to make sure Newcastle is place we all want to live in, work in and visit. We clean public areas of rubbish throughout the city. The areas covered include the following:

  • streets (including roundabouts, traffic islands, highway verges, service roads and footpaths)

  • recycling centres

  • paved areas

  • car parks

  • public open spaces

We inspect the streets and sweep or litter pick as necessary to maintain the standard required by Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Code of Practice on litter and refuse.

We also:

  • respond to reports of litter, graffiti on Council property, and fly-tipping

  • provide and empty litter bins

  • wash and disinfect areas of the city as required

We do not clear rubbish from private property or land owned by other organisations, except by prior arrangement where we have to make a charge for the service.

The Council's Environmental Protection Service should be contacted for advice about persistent offenders and enforcement issues on 0191 278 7878 or email

Did you know?

We are committed to creating a better environment for everyone. You can read more about how we will look after our environment on these pages:

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