Report fly-tipping for removal

We aim to respond to reports of fly-tipping on our land (Council land) within 10 working days.

Please make sure you have as much detail as possible to help our crews clear the location.


You can only use this form to request clearance and pick up of fly-tipped items from Council-owned land and highways.

The Council does not routinely remove fly-tipping from private land and land not managed by it. The relevant landowner would have to request us to do this and pay for that service.

There is a different process for reporting people actually fly-tipping.


Report fly-tippers

If you witness a vehicle tipping waste and the offence is in progress, contact the police on 999 or 101 and give the details to the police contact handler. Ensure you explain that the offence is happening and give the police the exact location and the registration of the offender's vehicle.

Fly-tipping is a recordable crime and the offenders may be caught during or soon after the offence. Do not report fly-tipping to the police unless you witness it as a crime in progress or the fly-tip is blocking a road and is presenting a danger to traffic. After calling the police, please contact us with the police incident number and your contact details.

If the waste appears to be in or near a watercourse, contact the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Do not put yourself in danger by handling the rubbish or confronting fly-tippers. 

If possible, try to get photographic or video evidence, but you should only do this carefully and not put yourself at risk.

In order to report a fly-tipper you will need as much information as possible including:

  • the exact location and type of land

  • the date and time the fly-tipping was seen, including the time the offence started and finished

  • a description of the person(s) fly-tipping

  • details of where you were at the time

  • your name and contact details

  • details of any other witnesses with you

  • a description (make, colour, markings) and registration number of any vehicle involved

  • the type and estimated quantity of the waste tipped.

If you have details as listed above please


If you have any problems with the online forms, please phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for "Your Local Services."

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