When is my bin day?

Check your bin day online

What time should I put my bins out?

Bins must be placed on the kerbside, without causing an obstruction to the highway, by 6.30am on the day of collection. They should be brought back in to your property the same day.

How often are bins collected?

Collections are made every week, alternating between recycling one week and general waste the next.

What if I'm not able to move my bin?

We offer assisted collections for any resident who may experience genuine difficulties in placing their bin out for collection and who does not have anyone aged 16 or over in their household to assist them. Find out more on the assisted lift service page.

Do I need to return my bin to my property after it has been emptied?

Yes. It is your responsibility to return your bin to within your property boundary on the same day as they have been emptied. Leaving your bin on the street can lead to problems including:

  • Other people dumping their waste in your bins.
  • Your bins being stolen.
  • Anti-social behaviour (including bins being set alight).
  • Causing an obstruction on the highway.

Can I buy a bigger bin?

If you live in a household of more than 6 permanent residents or a family member in the household suffers a medical condition, then you can request a bigger bin. You cannot buy additional bins or replace a smaller bin with a bigger bin. The council is committed to increasing the amount of household waste that is recycled.

Why has my bin not been emptied?

Before contacting us to report a missed collection, please ensure:

  • The correct bin was put out for collection.
  • The bin was at the kerbside or the designated collection point by 6:30am.
  • The bin was not too heavy to be lifted by the collection crew.
  • The correct items were in the bin.

Report a missed bin.

What can I put in my bin? 

Find out what you can put in green, blue and brown bins.

How can I dispose of my garden waste if I do not have a brown bin?

Take your garden waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre. You can also arrange for a bulky waste collection. This will be charged at £15 per collection up to 20 bags.

What happens on bank holidays?

Collection days will remain unchanged with the exception of Christmas, New Year and Easter. 

What happens to garden waste after collection?

Garden vegetation is taken to the council's composting facility at Sandhills, near Walbottle. Garden waste is shredded and laid out in rows to compost. The resulting 'soil conditioner' compost can be purchased from Sandhills.

How can I stop my bin from smelling?

  • Compost your fruit and vegetable waste.
  • Try to reduce the amount of food waste in your bin.
  • Securely double bag and tie up any food waste or nappies.
  • Make sure that you do not leave any food, including pet food, uncovered inside the house. Flies could lay eggs on it before it goes in the bin. 
  • Avoid using supermarket type carrier bags as they tend to have small holes for flies to get in and for waste to leak out. 
  • Ensure the bin lid is always closed.
  • Try to avoid storing the bin in direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally rinse out the bin with disinfectant.

Why do I need to separate glass from my other recycling when it is collected by one vehicle?

The recycling lorries are 'split' vehicles with two separate compartments, one for glass and another for mixed recyclable items. So while you may notice all your recycling going into one vehicle, it is going into two separate sections.

What happens if my bin is not collected due to bad weather?

If we are unable to empty your bin because of bad weather we will try to collect it on your next scheduled collection day, which will be two weeks later.

What if I have items which are too big or heavy for the bin?

Take your waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre. You can also arrange for a bulky waste collection.

Page last updated: 
28 February 2014
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