Planning Policy

Planning Policy

Here you can find out about the planning policies that guide planning decisions and the location of future development in Newcastle.

Please note that as of 1 September 2020 the Government has made changes to the Use Classes Order. The Use Classes Order groups different uses of buildings and land into use classes, these changes are now in force and may affect your premises or proposed planning application.  For information on the 2020 changes to the Use Classes Order please refer to 

If you wish to discuss how these changes may affect any of your existing premises, or any proposed planning applications you can submit a pre-application request. 


Local Plan

The local plan sets out Planning Policies that are important to guide future development and when deciding planning applications. 

Here you'll find the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan (CSUCP) and Development and Allocations Plan (DAP).




Have Your Say on Planning

Find out the latest news on Planning documents we are consulting on, and how to get involved.






Planning Policy Documents

View current Policy documents, such as Masterplans and Development Frameworks



Evidence and Monitoring

View our evidence base, the progress and the effectiveness of our Planning Policies.



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