Building Control Fees

Building Control Fees

Building Regulation fees

Charges are made to cover the cost of the building regulation application service.

Whether you are submitting a full plans application or a building notice application the overall cost is the same however the payment is made differently.

Full plans:

Once you have submitted your full plans application you will be contacted within three working days for payment of the plan charge fee.
Once the work has started and the first inspection has been carried out you will be invoiced for the inspection charge. Please note that if work is being carried out at a commercial property then a full plans application must be submitted. 

Building notice:

The building notice fee is to be paid in full. Once you have submitted your building notice application you will be contacted within three working days for payment. Please note building notices cannot be accepted for commercial work.


Carrying out building work without informing the local authority is a breach of the building regulations however if unauthorised work has been carried out you can apply for a regularisation certificate. The payment for a regularisation must be paid in full. Once you have submitted your regularisation application you will be contacted within three working days for payment.

Building Regulation table of charges (as of April 2023):

Building Notice Charges


Full Plan Charges


Regularisation Charges

Charges for applying for retrospective building regulation approval.

Reversion Charges 

Charges for cancelling existing initial notice and submitting a reversion application to local authority due to a discontinued service of an approved inspector.

Please be aware your application will not be considered valid until the payment has been made.

Skip permit

The current charge for a skip permit is £38.00 (maximum period for a skip permit is 28 days).

Unauthorised / late applications to place a skip on the highway are charged at £113.00.

A monthly invoice will be raised covering charges for all permits processed on the applicants behalf during that period.

Licence for projection over a highway

The current charge for consideration of an application for a projection over the highway licence is £497.  Payment should accompany the deposit of the application.

Scaffold or hoarding permit

The current charge for erecting a scaffold or hoarding on the highway is £189.00 for the consideration of the licence and the first 28 days id part thereof, then £80.00 for every additional 28 day period or part thereof)

A monthly invoice will be raised covering charges for all permits processed on the applicants behalf during that period.

Demolition notice

The current charge for a demolition notice is £324.00.

Safety at sports ground - safety certificate

Charges are payable to the local authority for the consideration of applications for new or amended general safety certificates and special safety certificate for both designated sports grounds and regulated stands.

Please contact Building Control to confirm current charges.

Street naming and numbering

  • Numbering or renumbering of properties on an existing named street - £192.00 per street affected + £13.00 * per property
  • Numbering of properties and assigning a name to a new street - £254.00 per new street + £13.00 * per property
  • Developer requests to alter either street name or property numbers on a new development after street naming and numbering has been undertaken - £254.00 + £13.00 * per new and affected plot address
  • Requests to rename or the assign a name to an existing street - £1922.00 + £51.00 per property affected **
  • Confirmation of postal addresses to property occupiers / owners / solicitors / conveyancers and other selected 3rd parties - £65.00 per address enquiry

* £13.00 charge reduced to £6.50 where application relates to multi-storey type student accommodation bedsits / flats, where each occupancy requires the creation of a unique address identifier. ** Further charges may be applicable depending upon the proposal.  The applicant shall also be responsible for reimbursing reasonable costs incurred by the local authority in dealing with any appeals and objections submitted under Section 18(4) of the Public Health Act 1925.

*Further charges may be applicable depending on the proposal. 


Once you have submitted your application we will contact you within 3 working days for payment.

Way to make payment:

Online - you will receive an email quoting your reference number, how much you need to pay and what the fee relates to. The email will also contain a link that will navigate you directly to the payment webpage.


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Did you know?

Applications will not be deemed valid until payment has been made.

Payments can be made over the phone or online.

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