Partner Authority Scheme

Partner Authority Scheme

If your preference is to work with us, then we are here to help no matter where in England or Wales your project is located.

The LABC Partner Authority Scheme is designed to help companies that operate in multiple locations and deal with many local authorities. Using the LABC Partner Authority Scheme, you can maintain a one-to one working relationship with Newcastle Building Control for advice and plan appraisal and we will liaise with the inspecting authority on your behalf. The scheme is free to join and non contractual.

Some of the key benefits to partnering with Newcastle Building Control Services

  • Building Regulation advice at an early stage on any of your projects wherever you are located in England and Wales
  • In depth expertise on structure, fire safety and means of escape accessible building design, sound insulation and energy conservation
  • Benefit from dealing with an experienced senior building surveyor acting as a single point of contact
  • When 'Partnering' with Newcastle Building Control Services we will act as your plan checking local authority helping to eliminate unnecessary delays and speed up the process
  • We will contact and brief the Local Authority where your project is going to take place who would then be responsible for site inspection.

Working with Newcastle Building Control Services

We want to ensure that our clients benefit from a professional and efficient service from pre-application stage all the way to project completion.

How to register as a Partner Company

Registering is easy, simply contact the Building Control Team and ask to be registered as a Partner Company.

Please contact Building Control if you would like more information. 



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Did you know?

You can partner with us no matter where in England or Wales your project is located

There are some key benefits to 'partnering' with Newcastle Building Control

Its easy to register as a Partner Company