Residents Permit Bays

Residents Permit Bays

Resident permit parking schemes are in place across the city. Generally, schemes are brought into operation as the residents of a particular area have had difficulties in parking their vehicle due to large number of non-residents parking their cars.

If you live in a resident permit street or zone you may be entitled to apply for a parking permit.  To confirm if your address is eligible for a parking permit click on the following link Eligible Properties and zones

This link will also advise you of the days and times the residential parking permit scheme is in operation.

There are two types of permits schemes in Newcastle, the first being a zonal scheme where all the streets within the scheme have the same permit restrictions during the same hours of operation. With this type of scheme gateway signs are mounted at the entrances to the zones with additional reminder signs within the zone.

The gateway signs at the start of the zonal scheme will advise that the scheme starts from that point. Motorists will be advised of the zone letter and number and the days and times the residential parking scheme is in operation. If no times are stated the scheme will be in operation all days and times.

Within zonal schemes not all streets will have a repeater sign. There will be a gateway sign to advise the end of the permit scheme.

Zonal gateway entrance sign advises ‘permit holders parking only past this point’

Repeater sign states ‘Permit holders only’

 Zonal gateway exit sign advises ‘Permit parking area ENDS’

 The second type of permit scheme is where a collection of streets may have differing restrictions within the same scheme. Signs are placed at regular intervals adjacent to parking bays to confirm the restriction in place in the area. There can be a variety of bays within a permit schemes, such as loading bays, disabled bays or maximum stay bays. Care should be taken when parking a motor vehicle to make sure the vehicle is parked in the right type of bay.

Sign taken from permit scheme advises, ‘Permit holders only Mon – Sat 9-11am 2.30-4.30pm)

 Different restrictions within a permit street. First sign advises ‘Mon – Sat 8am – 6.30pm Permit holders only or 2 hours No return within 6 hours’ arrow point left. Second sign advises ‘Disabled badge holders only’, arrow pointing right

Each permit scheme has its own reference number; these are marked on the permit signs (as seen in the above photograph). Permit scheme references begin with a letter and a number for example J2. All permits are issued with a unique reference number, they will always begin with the relevant permit scheme number. This allows CEO’s to determine whether a vehicle is parked in the correct parking scheme and entitled to park. Providing that the first two digits match those which are on the sign, residents and visitors will be able to park in the street without receiving a PCN.

A valid parking permit should be clearly displayed on the front windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle. All the details need to be visible for a CEO to check that the permit is valid, parked in the correct street or zone and has the correct vehicle registration on if this is applicable.

If a resident or visitor is using a supplementary day permit scratchcard, the scratchcard needs to be clearly displayed.  The correct day, month, year, time of day and vehicle registration number needs to be correctly completed.  

Disabled Blue Badge holders are entitled to park in residential parking schemes for as long as they need to.  A valid Disabled Blue Badge needs to be on display. There is no need to set the Disabled clock as there is no time limit for this type of bay. 

Loading and unloading is permitted to be carried out by any vehicle without the need of displaying a permit providing that the loading/unloading taking place is continuous.

CEO’s will observe a car for 5 minutes to determine whether a vehicle is being used for the purpose of loading, or picking up/dropping off. If neither is observed and no permit is displayed after the observation period a PCN can be issued. Vans will be given a 20 minute observation period to determine if loading/unloading is taking place, if none is observed a PCN can be issued.

If a resident clearly displays a valid permit, but the vehicle registration is incorrect, a PCN will be issued by a CEO.

If a parking permit is clearly on display, but the motor vehicle is parked in a different zone to the one the vehicle is parked in, a PCN will be issued by a CEO. 

If a parking permit is clearly on display but has expired by more than 14 days, a PCN will be issued by a CEO.

If a CEO is not able to see all of the details on the parking permit or supplementary day permit scratchcard, a PCN will be issued.

If a Disabled Blue Badge is either obscured or is out of date by more than 14 days a, PCN will be issued.

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