City Centre Resident Permits

City Centre Resident Permits

If you live in a property in the city centre (that is within the Controlled Parking Zone - CPZ), you can apply for a City Centre Resident Permit. The area covered by the CPZ is indicated in red shading on this map.  The permit is valid for all pay and display bays in on-street areas  within the CPZ and pay and display bays in city centre car parks at all times (and can be used to over-ride any maximum stays within on-street bays). Car parks on the periphery of the city centre that fall outside the CPZ and where a City Centre Resident permit is not valid include Argyle Street; Blandford Square; Blandford Street East; Claremont Road; Leazes Park; Manors; Osborne Terrace; St Georges and Stadium.

The car parks in the city centre where a City Centre Resident permit is valid are listed here

The permit does not provide exemption in any other restricted use bays including Citypark permit bays in car parks or permit bays in the OB3 or WG3 zones. The maximum number of resident permits is set at 2 per dwelling.


City Centre Residents permits can be issued for the following durations and costs, with the payment for the permit being made prior to the permit being issued –


  • 4 week permit, £38.47
  • 6 month permit, £250.00
  • Annual permit, £500.00 

What documents are required to support my application?

Provide proof of residency at the permit address

  • A Council Tax statement for the current financial year; or
  • A Tenancy Agreement containing the address of the property, names of all the tenants and the start/end date of the tenancy; or
  • Utility bill dated within the last 3 months.
  • A deposit protection scheme letter for rented accommodation showing property address, tenants, and the term of the tenancy.
  • If you have only recently purchased the property or are about to purchase the property, you can supply a completion statement from your conveyancer confirming the purchase of the property.

Provide proof of vehicle documents

  • We need to establish an audit trail linking the vehicle to be named on the permit with the applicant.  This can be either by the vehicle registration document (V5C) if the applicant is the named keeper of the vehicle (at the Newcastle address or a different address) or a vehicle insurance schedule confirming that the resident is insured to drive the vehicle; or
  • If the vehicle is a company vehicle used by the applicant we need to have supporting evidence linking the vehicle to the company and then an audit trail proving the link between the applicant and the company.  A  Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) or lease/hire agreement can be accepted to provide the link between the company and applicant and a P60 End of Year Tax Certificate or payslip (with financial details deleted, as appropriate) is acceptable to provide the link between the resident and the vehicle being used for work purposes; or
  • If you have access to multiple work vehicles, so are likely to have different vehicles over the course of the lifespan of the vehicle, we can issue a “Pool” vehicle permit.  Please supply three V5C documents for the multiple vehicles you have access to or a letter from your employer explaining that you regularly take home different vehicles.  This evidence should be accompanied by a payslip (with financial details deleted) confirming your employment with the company.
  • If the vehicle is a private lease or hire vehicle - a copy of the lease or hire agreement to link the vehicle with the applicant.

Information regarding how your personal data may be collected, processed, shared and retained following your application for a permit can be found here.

How to apply

New applications should be submitted online or by post. Please allow 14 days for your application to be processed. Please only complete the application form if you wish to apply for a permit.  If you have any queries that are not addressed by the information on this page please contact Parking Services via email to

  • Apply Online  ensuring that you have attached the relevant documents to support your application.
  • By post, please print and complete an application form (pdf, 121kb)

How do I pay for a City Centre Resident Permit

If you have received an offer for a City Centre Resident permit or would like to renew one, payment can be made below.


Pay for a City Centre Resident Permit


Early Applications

Residents who are moving into a property can submit an application as soon as they have proof of residency.  The application can be submitted in advance of their move into the property so that we can post the permit out to the address a couple of days before the tenancy starts with the permit being valid from the day of occupancy.

What do I do if I lose my permit or it is stolen?

We require written notification from the actual permit holder that the permit has been lost or stolen, together with payment of an administrative charge of £10.00.

Apply online for a replacement permit – Online Form

What do I do if I change my vehicle?

The permit with your old vehicle registration number will not be valid for your new vehicle (unless you have retained the same number plate). The permit holder will need to complete an online request to amend the vehicle registration and will need to upload documents to establish proof of vehicle ownership.

Apply online for a change of vehicle registration – Online Form


There is a £10.00 administration charge to change the  registration on the permit.

Courtesy Vehicles

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you have been provided with a temporary courtesy vehicle, please contact our offices on 0191 277 2728 between the hours of 8.30am-3.30pm Monday to Friday for advice.


What happens if my circumstances change and I no longer need the permit?

The permit should be returned to Newcastle Parking Services, P.O. Box 2BL, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE99 2BL by recorded delivery/Royal Mail signed for.  This provides proof of posting and receipt.  We will then revoke your permit and depending on how you paid for the permit, calculate if you are due a refund for the unexpired portion based on the number of full weeks remaining on the permit or the reduced amount you owe on a payment plan. A £10.00 administrative charge will be applied for the process of cancelling the permit and processing a refund or re-calculating a payment plan.  If you paid for your permit upfront in a single payment, we will refund the value of the unused portion of the permit to you, usually to the payment card that the original payment was taken from.

What are supplementary full day scratch cards?

A maximum of 20 full day scratch cards at a cost of £5.00 each can also be applied for to provide additional coverage. If eligibility via proof of residency has already been established this does not need to be provided in a separate application for scratch cards.  These full day permits are valid for use in the same areas as the annual permit. Please be aware that unused scratch cards returned to Newcastle Parking Services within 14 days of issue will be subject to a full refund of the price paid, but after this 14 day period unused scratch cards cannot be transferred or be subject to a refund.

  • City Centre Resident scratch cards can be applied for separately via the following Online Form
  • By post, please print and complete an application form (pdf, 121kb)

Who do I contact if I have a query?

If you have any general queries please email or ring us on 0191 2772728 Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 3.30pm.