Resident Parking Permits

Resident Parking Permits

•    If you live in a property that is within a parking permit area and park your vehicle(s) on the road during the hours of parking restrictions you must apply for a permit for your vehicle(s). 

•    This includes all vehicles that have a Vehicle Registration Mark (that is number plate). The permit(s) will display the relevant vehicle registration number and is not transferable to other vehicles.  

•    We will need to establish that the person named on the application for the permit lives at the eligible address and can provide a document (such as a V5C document or vehicle insurance schedule) that directly links the applicant’s name to the vehicle.  The application may be rejected if documents do not link with the applicant.  

•    There is a capped limit of two Resident permits per eligible property.  

•    Examples of the signage in a permit parking area and a list of properties that are eligible to apply for permits can be found here.

Support for permit queries

Following the COVID 19 restrictions the majority of the permit team staff are working remotely from home, so we have limited coverage for incoming telephone calls during this period between 10.00am and 12.00 noon and 1.00pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Friday, but will respond to queries by email to

Permit holders should renew their permit in the normal way by following the instructions in the renewal reminder letter that will be posted to the permit holder’s address approximately 4 weeks before expiry.  

If you are having any difficulties in renewing your permit please email and one of our team will be able to assist you.

Frequently asked questions about resident permits?

Please click on the relevant link for the information to your questions on:
•    How do I apply? 
•    How do I pay for the permit? 
•    How much do permits cost and are there any discounts? (link to sections entitled Cost and Discount below)
•    What documents do I need to provide for my application to be approved? 
•    When should I apply? 


•    The first resident's permit per eligible property costs £25.00 per annum and 
•    the second permit per eligible property costs £75.00 per annum. 
•    If you apply online, your application will be assessed and if it is approved you will be sent an email confirming this with a link to make an online payment.  
•    Once payment has been received you can print the receipt for initial coverage, until the permit is received via the post to the address you applied for.


You will be entitled to a discount on the price of your permit if you have a light passenger vehicle that has a low CO2 emission figure that qualifies the vehicle for a reduced rate of annual vehicle excise duty.  Vehicles registered after 1st March 2001 with emissions of up to 120 g/km will qualify for the discount. Please supply page 2 of the V5 document only, which provides us with the required information.

If you are entitled to a discount you will receive:

  • £12.50 discount for the first successful low emission application;
  • £37.50 discount for the second low emission application (if both vehicles qualify for the low emission discount); or
  • If only 1 vehicle meets the low emission criteria a discount of £12.50 will be applied to the cost of the permit for the low emission vehicle, regardless of whether it is the first or second permit issued.

Full electric vehicles (not hybrids) will be entitled to a free permit. Please supply page 2 of the V5 document only, which provides us with the required information.


Temporary permits

Resident parking permits may not be issued for a full 12 month period if an audit trail between the applicant and the vehicle cannot be established at the point of application.  If you have only recently purchased the vehicle within the last few days and are still awaiting your vehicle log book (V5C document) or insurance documents to arrive, you may still apply with proof of residency and a 56 day temporary resident’s permit can be issued, providing you with time to supply the vehicle ownership documents at a later date.  However, it is beneficial to apply with the proof of vehicle ownership where it is available as this will ensure that a full annual parking permit is issued without the need for you to make multiple submissions to the Council.

A reminder notification will be sent by post to the permit holder at the address which has been supplied on the resident permit application form, which will be sent  21 days before the temporary parking permit is due to expire.  These reminder letters are sent to all resident permit applicants who have only been issued with a residents permit for 56 days as a courtesy to avoid Penalty Charge Notices being issued to motor vehicles.


You will need to provide either the vehicle log book in the applicant's name or a copy of the vehicle insurance schedule showing that the applicant is insured to drive the vehicle. Please provide this information a minimum of 14 days before your temporary permit is due to expire.   Scans of these  documents can be attached to an e-mail to be forwarded to quoting the permit reference number and the name and address of the permit holder, or alternatively a copy of the document could be sent by post to Parking Services P.O.Box 2BL Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 2BL with a covering letter quoting the permit reference number and the name and address  of the permit holder.  Please note we do not need the original documents, only a photocopy.


No further payment is required to be made, as full payment for the resident parking permit has already been received prior to the temporary parking permit being issued.


Once the temporary permit has expired without being upgraded to a full annual permit, applications for other vehicles/residents can be accepted.

What do I do if I lose my permit or it is stolen?

We require written notification from the actual permit holder that the permit has been lost or stolen, together with payment of an administrative charge of £10.00.

Apply online for a replacement permit – Online Form

A replacement permit will be posted out to your address.

What do I do if I change my vehicle?

The permit with your old vehicle registration number will not be valid for your new vehicle (unless you have retained the same number plate).

This permit will not be valid for a vehicle with a different registration number, so should be posted back to Newcastle Parking Services, P.O. Box 2BL, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE99 2BL.

The permit holder will need to complete an online request to amend the vehicle registration. If the V5C document or insurance schedule is not immediately available, we can issue a temporary permit for 56 days, this provides time to supply the required vehicle documentation so a full permit can be issued to run until the expiry date of your original resident permit.  There is an administration charge of £10.00 for amending the vehicle registration details on a parking permit.

Apply online for a change of vehicle registration – Online Form


Courtesy Vehicles

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you have been provided with a temporary courtesy vehicle, please contact our offices on 0191 277 2728 between the hours of (Monday to Friday between 10.00am to 12.00 noon or 1.00pm to 3.00pm) for advice.

What happens when my permit is due to expire?

4 weeks before the permit is due to expire a letter will be issued to you reminding you of the expiry date and providing all the required details for renewal, such as the permit reference number and amount due; as well as options to make payment. You do not need to submit a new application form, as we have already established your eligibility for a permit previously. If you have not received a permit renewal reminder within this timescale please contact Parking Services on 0191 2772728 (Monday to Friday between 10.00am to 12.00 noon or 1.00pm to 3.00pm) so we can check case records and take a payment over the telephone or email to so we can send you details to make an online payment.  If you are sending an email please quote your address and permit reference number.

What do I do if I no longer need my permit?

If you move house or your situation changes and you no longer require the permit, you must return your permit to Newcastle Parking Services. Under the terms of The City of Newcastle upon Tyne (On Street Parking Places) Order 2009 you will qualify for a refund if the permit has in excess of 6 months unused on the date the permit is returned. You will receive 50% of the permit fee paid minus a £10 administration fee.

The permit is not transferable to other users or for the permit holder at a new address, so continued use would be classified as misuse leading to the revocation of the permit and the possible issue of Penalty Charge Notices.


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