Coronavirus - Information relating to Council Tax

Coronavirus - Information relating to Council Tax

We understand this is a very difficult time for many of our residents and that the coronavirus is having a significant impact on the economy. 

It’s important to remember that your council tax pays for our essential services that are delivered to all residents in the city.  

It is especially important that if your circumstances have not changed due to the impact of the coronavirus that you continue to pay your council tax as detailed on your bill. 

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax due to the impact of coronavirus, there is support available: 


  1. Make sure you have claimed all the benefits and support you are entitled to. For working age families this could be for example, Universal Credit, Employment and Support Allowance or Statutory Sick Pay from the DWP, find out more about benefits you can apply for  

  2. Council Tax Support, this is a discount for working age people. It reduces the amount of council tax you pay. The size of the discount you receive depends on your income and household size.  More information about Council Tax Support 

  3. Council Tax Hardship, working age people receiving council tax support will receive up to £160.00 towards their council tax. If you are already in receipt of council tax support you do not need to do anything, we will deduct this automatically from your council tax bill.  If you have already made a payment which means you are entitled to a refund there will be instructions with your new bill which you will receive soon on how to do this. If you are not in receipt of council tax support and your circumstances have changed due to COVID-19details of Council Tax Support scheme and how to apply.

  4. Student exemptions and disregards will be continued where your course has been extended, please email a copy of your updated student certificate, issued by your place of education, to

  5. We can spread instalments over 12 months, just complete the  request to pay over 12 months form or we can review your instalment plan to see if we can find a more suitable plan to pay, contact us by email 

  6. Contact us, we have a dedicated online form so you can explain your circumstances and how you have been impacted by the coronavirus so we can understand how best to support you with your council tax, complete the coronavirus form or email us at  

  7. If you are unable to make your regular payment due to awaiting a new award for benefit, please complete the coronavirus form or email and we will look to see how we can support you with your council tax. 

  8. If you are unable to make a payment, or can only make a partial payment, in the short term the Council may delay recovery action however this will depend on your individual circumstances. Please complete a coronavirus form. You may also qualify for help through our Coronavirus hardship scheme. 

  9. If you are unable to make a payment via PayPoint due to self-isolation there are different ways to make your payment. If you are unable to use our automated payment line please call us on 0191 278 7878 and ask for Council Tax or email  and we will help you make the payment. 

  10. If you are experiencing exceptional hardship as a direct result of COVID-19 you may be entitled to Crisis Support

To contact us, please email or use our online forms and we will respond as soon as possible. Please do not phone unless you are unable to use the internet or email as call waiting times are likely to be significant during this difficult time. 

It is important, if you can, to continue to pay your council tax so we can continue to provide vital services and support our most vulnerable residents.