The Unitary Development Plan and Proposals Map were adopted in 1998.  A Direction (PDF, 1.41MB) was issued on 31 August 2007, saving 128 policies and allowing 67 to expire. Following the adoption of the CSUCP a Policy Review (PDF, 1021KB)) superseded and deleted a number of UDP ‘saved’ policies. 95 policies in the UDP are still considered relevant to planning decision making alongside the CSUCP, WRAAP and BSAAP. The Council have prepared a Development Plan document (PDF, 375KB) which contains all of the Policies in Newcastle’s Local Plan.

 Unitary Development Plan (UDP) (1998) (PDF, 630 KB)

Proposals Map

The Proposals Map has been superseded in part by the Proposals Map for the Walker Riverside Area Action Plan, Benwell Scotswood Area Action Plan and Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan. The Newcastle Policies Map (PDF, 24.49MB) illustrates the development plan policies for Newcastle

1998 UDP Proposal Maps



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