Submission Development and Allocations Plan

This is part 2 of our Local Plan, which is a set of documents that will guide future development in Newcastle to 2030.

Part 1 of the Local Plan, adopted in March 2015 is called the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan (CSUCP) (PDF, 48.04MB, Large file). The Development and Allocations Plan (DAP) is Part 2 and provides more detailed policies to support our growth ambitions for Newcastle including:

  • Policies which will be used to make decisions on planning applications
  • Allocations of housing and employment sites to support Part 1
  • Designations of retail centre boundaries and sites for environmental protection


The Submission Development and Allocations Plan (DAP), submission documents and supporting documents were submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on 13 March 2019. A Planning Inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State, will now conduct an examination into the DAP's soundness and legal compliance. Full details are contained in the Submission Statement.

All Submission Documents are available to view:

Copies of these documents can be viewed at the Civic Centre,

All representations received during the Pre-Submission Consultation have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. These are available to view as part of the Report of Representations (PDF, 23mb).

Next Steps

The DAP will now be subject to an independent examination to be conducted by the Planning Inspectorate. This is a continous process running from the date of submission through to the receipt of the appointed Planning Inspector's Report.

Part of this process will involve hearing sessions where those invited to attend will have the opportunity to respond to matters raised by the appointed Planning Inspector. These hearing sessions are likely to take place in Summer 2019. The Inspector will check that all legal requirements have been met and review comments from residents, stakeholders and businesses, as well as local evidence.

The independent Programme Officer, Jayne Anderson will assist the Planning Inspector through the examination. She is responsible for all procedural matters of the examination and all future correspondence to the Plan regarding the examination. Jayne's contacts are: Email:

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21 March 2019
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