Pre-Submission Development and Allocations Plan

This is part 2 of our Local Plan, which is a set of documents that will guide future development in Newcastle to 2030.

Part 1 of the Local Plan, adopted in March 2015 is called the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan (CSUCP) (PDF, 48.04MB, Large file). The Development and Allocations Plan (DAP) is Part 2 and provides more detailed policies to support our growth ambitions for Newcastle including:

  • Policies which will be used to make decisions on planning applications
  • Allocations of housing and employment sites to support Part 1
  • Designations of retail centre boundaries and sites for environmental protection

Pre-Submission Consultation

We consulted on the draft version of the DAP back in 2017. A Consultation Feedback Report (PDF, 3.57mb) was prepared following the draft consultation. Since then we have made changes to the DAP in response to your comments and updated evidence.

The council consulted on the Pre-Submission Development and Allocations Plan (DAP) from the 5th October to the 16th November 2018.


  • Pre-Submission Development and Allocations Plan (PDF,3.4MB)
  • Policies Map (PDF,30mb)
  • Interactive Policy Map - Click here to use our interactive Policy Map.
    • You can use the Key on the right hand corner to view the layers, and switch layers on or off. You can zoom in and out to get a closer look of the area you're interested in.  Click-and-drag or use the arrow keys to move the move around.  You can search via postcode at the bottom of the screen.  The different sites are colour-coded depending on the policy type.  Clicking a site on the map will display a pop-up box with more information on it, and a link to view that section of the document.  Some sites have more than one layer there, you can scroll down in the pop up box to read all details.
  • Evidence Base (PDF, 268Kb)

Next Steps

Consultation on the Pre-Submission DAP has now ended. The council are reviewing all the comments recieved and they will be sent to the planning inspector appointed, to consider the DAP at a public examination. The examination will be to find out whether the DAP is ‘sound’ and legally compliant. The inspector will prepare a report following the examination.

Further Information

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22 November 2018
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