Draft Development and Allocations Plan

Consultation on the draft DAP ended on the 20th November 2017. The responses received are currently being considered and will help to inform the next stage in the preparation of the DAP.

The draft Development and Allocations Plan (DAP) (PDF, 7.69mb) is part two of Newcastle’s Local Plan. The Local Plan is a collection of documents that will guide the future development in Newcastle to 2030. Once adopted, the draft DAP will form part 2 of Newcastle’s Local Plan.

The Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan (CSUCP) (PDF, 48.04MB, Large file) was adopted in March 2015 and is the first part of Newcastle’s Local Plan.

The draft DAP is a positive plan to promote development, protect our assets and to support and help to deliver the strategic policies set out in the CSUCP. This will provide greater certainty on the delivery of new housing and employment sites and ensure that Newcastle is a prosperous and sustainable city where people choose to live, work and visit.

The draft DAP provides detailed policies to support the CSUCP, by including:

  • Policies which will be used to make planning decisions on planning applications
  • Allocations of housing and employment sites to support the CSUCP
  • Designations (boundaries) of areas such as retail centres and wildlife sites

Draft Consultation Documents

Draft DAP Consultation Feedback Report

A Consultation Feedback Report has been prepared in response to the comments received on the draft DAP.  

 Please note, that responses have been summarised. The full responses are available on request, please contact Planning Policy at: planningpolicy@newcastle.gov.uk

Next Steps

All responses received will inform the next stage of preparation of the DAP. The Submission Draft of the DAP will be considered by Cabinet later this year.


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10 April 2018
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