The Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment is a technical study that determines the suitability, availability, and achievability of land for development. It is an important evidence source to inform plan-making, but does not itself represent policy nor does it determine whether a site should be allocated for future development.

The process was previously known as the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), and has been renamed as the HELAA to reflect its consideration of employment sites alongside housing. All sites that were considered as part of the previous SHLAA (2013) were retained and carried forward into the HELAA to be considered in an up to date context.

The methodology, which includes the potential assumptions to be applied as part of a site assessment, was consulted on in January 2016. The 2017 HELAA was subject to consultation alongside the draft Development and Allocations Plan from 9th October 2017 to 20th November 2017.

As part of the process of assessing sites, a five year supply of housing land has been identified, sufficient to meet and exceed the housing requirements of the city 2017-2022. The five year housing land supply can be viewed under Appendix Five of the HELAA.

Copies of the 2017 HELAA are available to view at Newcastle City Library and have been published for inspection on the Council’s website at the links below.


1 Schedule Of Suitable Housing Sites and Mixed Use Sites (pdf, 77.1kb)
2 Schedule Of Suitable Standard Economic (Offices, Industrial And Warehousing Uses) Sites (pdf, 46.18kb)
3 Schedule Of Discounted Sites (pdf, 53.91kb)
4 Site Proformas And Maps (pdf, 16.89mb)
5 Schedule For Five Year Land Supply (pdf, 70.3kb)
6 Housing Trajectory (pdf, 130.21kb)
7 Sub area maps of Discounted Sites (pdf, 1.6mb), Suitable Sites (pdf, 1.64mb) and Phasing (pdf, 1.62mb)
8 Call Out For Sites 2015 –Submission And Responses (pdf, 44.37kb)

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