John Dobson Street improvements

John Dobson Street improvements

We have completed a major transformation of John Dobson Street as part of a wider plan to improve public transport routes in the city centre and make it easier and safer for people to get around on foot and by bike.

John Dobson Street is an important bus route in the city centre, with services on that route carrying over 160,000 passengers a week.

It’s also the main north-south route on our city centre cycling network.

The transformation of the street has seen the previous road layout changed along with the introduction of bus lane restrictions to give greater priority to those using public transport, walking and cycling.

This is important because over 42 per cent of households in the city do not have access to a car and rely on other forms of transport.

The improvements made on John Dobson Street include:

  • a new segregated two-way cycle track, with dedicated signals at junctions for cyclists
  • a boulevard-style layout, with widened pavements, a tree-lined pedestrian area along the centre and improved crossing points for pedestrians
  • relocated bus stops and more reliable journey times for passengers travelling on services on John Dobson Street
  • improved traffic light technology to manage the flow of vehicles more effectively and avoid queues building up
  • a more attractive and welcoming environment for people and nearby businesses.

By improving transport networks we are also helping to improve the health of the city by helping people to be more active through walking and cycling and by reducing air pollution caused by traffic.


Bus lane restrictions

The changes on John Dobson Street also include the introduction of a bus lane restriction, which is in place between the junctions of St Mary’s Place and Ridley Place.

The restriction means that cars are not permitted to drive along the section of the road between those two junctions.

Vehicles which are authorised to use this section of the road are public service buses, private hire and Hackney Carriage taxis, emergency vehicles and motorcycles.

If you need to get to John Dobson Street by car you are advised to travel via Durant Road.

All of the businesses and retailers on and around John Dobson can still be reached, including the NCP car park and the shops on Ridley Place.

If you drive a taxi or private hire vehicle, please contact us on 0191 277 2739 to find out how to provide proof of the licensed vehicle.


Did you know?

As part of the John Dobson Street improvements, we also extended the scheme to neighbouring streets include Durant Road and Ellison Place.

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