Democratic Service Officers (DSOs)

These officers support the democratic process by providing a service before, during and after committee meetings to all councillors, officers and public and assisting in the corporate governance of the city overall.

The DSOs can answer queries you might have about Council, Cabinet and other committee meetings.

Each committee has its own designated DSO. Contact information can be found at the end of each committee page.

Access to Information and Meetings

You have the right to attend and observe committee meetings to hear decisions being made and the council welcomes your attendance to observe the proceedings.

Please note that, generally, you are not able to participate in committee meetings without asking the Chair for agreement in advance. Our constitution, The Newcastle Charter, identifies meetings that you can attend and speak at, with an agreed procedure, such as the City Council.

You have the right to see non-confidential agendas and minutes. All non-confidential agendas, minutes and reports are published on the website.

On certain occasions there will be issues discussed in private and legal reasons for this will be given.

Wheelchair Access

All committee rooms used in the Civic Centre are accessible to wheelchair users.

Braille / Audio Tape / Translation

If your require any of the committee agendas, minutes or reports to be translated into another language or provided in Braille, audio or large print, please contact the relevant Democratic Services Officer. Their contact details are available in the information section for each committee.

Page last updated: 
15 February 2018
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