The Newcastle Charter

The Newcastle Charter

Newcastle City Council's constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures to be followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

The separate parts of the Charter are available to download below:


Issue date

Contents (pdf, 167kb) November 2018
Part One - Legal Background and Organisation and Governance Structure (pdf,212kb) February 2016
Part Two - Articles of the Constitution (pdf, 470kb) November 2017
Part Three - Responsibility For Functions (3.1 - 3.12A) (PDF, 268KB) August 2023
Part Three - Responsibility For Functions (3.13) * (pdf, 714kb) February 2016
Part Three - Responsibility For Functions (3.14) (pdf, 255kb) February 2016
Responsibility For Functions - Tables* (pdf, 516kb) February 2016
Part Four - Rules of Procedure (pdf, 76kb) February 2016
Part 4A – Council Procedure Rules (Standing Orders) (pdf, 439kb) October 2018
Part 4B – Access to Information Procedure Rules* (pdf, 209kb) February 2016
Part 4C – Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules (pdf, 95kb) February 2016
Part 4D – Cabinet Procedure Rules (pdf, 134kb) February 2016
Part 4E – Scrutiny Committee Procedure Rules (pdf, 382b) June 2017
Part 4F – Financial Regulations including; (pdf, 352kb) November 2018
Commissioning and Procurement Procedure Rules January 2020
Part 4G – Officer Employment Procedure Rules (pdf, 190kb) February 2016
Part Five - Codes and Protocols (Ethical Governance Framework) (pdf, 132kb) February 2016


5.1A - Nolan's Seven Principles of Public Life (pdf, 131kb) February 2016

Codes and Legislation

5.2A - Code of Conduct - Members (pdf, 188kb) February 2016
5.2B - Code of Conduct - Non Voting Co-optees (pdf, 259kb) September 2017
5.2C - Code of Conduct - Employees* (pdf, 158kb) February 2016
5.2D - Legislation Relating to Declaration of Interests (pdf, 172kb) February 2016


5.3A - Policy for Confidential Reporting of Concerns (Whistleblowing) (pdf, 248kb) February 2016
5.3B - Policy Statement on Fraud and corruption (pdf, 172kb) February 2016
5.3C - Anti-Money Laundering Policy (pdf, 286kb) February 2016


5.4A - Member/Officer Relations (pdf, 269kb) February 2016
5.4B - Use of Council Equipment* (pdf, 202kb) February 2016
5.4C – Planning Committee Matters and Guidance Note - Members' Discussions with Developers (pdf, 349kb) February 2016
5.4D - Regulatory and Appeals Committee (pdf, 224kb) February 2016
5.4E - Licensing Committee (pdf, 379kb) February 2016
5.4F - Lord Mayor's and Sheriff's Gifts and Hospitality (pdf, 147kb) February 2016
5.4G - Dealing with Complaints against Councillors (pdf, 291kb) February 2018
5.4H - Property Issues (pdf, 112kb) February 2016
5.4I - Monitoring Officer January 2020
5.4J - Communication Protocol* (pdf, 192kb) February 2016
5.4K - Offers of New Employment (pdf, 130kb) February 2016
Part Six - Members' Allowances Scheme December 2019
Part 6A - Members' Allowances Handbook* (pdf, 335kb) February 2016
Part Seven - Miscellaneous Guidance (pdf, 122kb) February 2016
7A – Guidance on Political Balance Requirements (pdf, 183kb) February 2016
7B – Guidance – Right to Time Off Work for Council Duties (pdf, 157kb) February 2016
7C – Guidance for Members and Officers appointed to Outside Bodies and Organisations (pdf, 368kb) February 2016
7D – Guidance – Decision-Making (pdf, 266kb) February 2016
Part Eight - Members and Appointments (pdf, 125kb) June 2019
Part 8 - Schedule A  (pdf, 157kb) June 2019
Part 8 - Schedule B (pdf, 103kb) June 2019
Part 8 - Schedule C (pdf, 126kb) June 2019


*Subject to review