Thinkabout: Policy Cabinet

Thinkabout: Policy Cabinet

Policy Cabinets are a way of exploring an important issue in an inclusive way. The council does not have all the answers to the challenges that the city faces and by involving partners and the public, we believe this improves our policy making. 

They are an opportunity for organisations and individuals to share their experiences and expertise so we can develop solutions to the issues we face. 

Policy Cabinets are based on big social and economic challenges which are also linked to the council's priorities:

  • Environment: a clean green city
  • Employment: creating more and better jobs
  • Education and Skills: the best learning opportunities for all
  • Health and Social Care: a healthy caring city
  • Housing: more and better homes

Join the debate

Policy Cabinets will be held in public, in venues around the city or held virtually.

Virtual Policy Cabinets can be watched live on our Youtube channel.

You can send your questions in to

Upcoming Policy Cabinet meetings

Details and agendas for upcoming Policy Cabinet meetings can be found on our council meetings pages. 

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