Local List of buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest

Local List of buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest

What is the Local List?

This is a list of buildings, structures, parks and gardens (including cemeteries and open spaces) that have special local architectural or historic interest which are an important part of your local heritage. They are different from Listed Buildings  and Registered Parks and Gardens , such as the Theatre Royal or Leazes Park, which are recognised as being of national importance. Buildings and parks on the Local List may not be as important as those on the national list, but they are special to Newcastle.

Entries on the Local List were assessed using similar criteria to those used for Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens but from a local perspective.



Why do it? What does being on the List mean?

Unlike Listed Buildings or Registered Parks and Gardens, being included on the Local List does not provide any additional planning controls. However, it does recognise their importance and before any planning decisions are made their special local architectural or historic interest will be taken into account.


Locally listed buildings in Newcastle

If a site is Locally Listed it will also be flagged as a restriction on Newcastle City Council's 'Public Access for Planning' portal. If you are uncertain if your site(s) are Locally Listed please either our interactive map (below), or contact the Planning Team for verification.

Our interactive map of the Historic Environment and Conservation in Newcastle.

  • You can zoom in and out to get a closer look of the area you're interested in.  Click-and-drag or use the arrow keys to move the move around.   Click a site on the map to display a pop-up box with more information on it.  There is an option in the top right corner of the map to switch the aerial photography on and off, and to choose which layers to switch on and off.



Newcastle Local List Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

In 2006 the Planning & Transport Strategy Committee adopted the Local List of Buildings, Structures, Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces of Special Local Architectural or Historic Interest SPD. The SPD encourages the retention and conservation of the City's local heritage assets.


Supplementary Planning Document & Supporting Documents


Did you know?

Is there a building or a structure that you care about? Together with our partners Gateshead and South Tyneside Councils, we are inviting you to review the Local Lists and to nominate any heritage assets you know and love locally. You can do so by visiting



A building/ structure or site cannot be included on the National List and the Local List at the same time. If something is listed by Historic England it is removed from any Local List it may be inscribed upon.

Use our interactive map of the Historic Environment and Conservation in Newcastle for more information.

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