Local List Nomination Criteria

Local List Nomination Criteria


Entries on the Local List were assessed using similar criteria to those used for Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens but consider a more local perspective.

The criteria, that were approved by Development Control Committee on 8th April 2004, publicised during the process and that consequently all nominations were considered against by our independent expert panel are listed below:


Buildings and Structures:

  • Old or rare buildings in Newcastle which have been altered too much to warrant being included on the national statutory list
  • Architectural Interest: buildings which are of importance to Newcastle for the interest of their architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship; also important examples of particular building types and techniques and significant plan forms.
  • Historic interest: this includes buildings which illustrate important aspects of Newcastle's social, economic, cultural or military history.
  • Close historical association with Newcastle's important people or events.
  • Group value: especially where buildings form an important 'group' or a fine example of planning in Newcastle.


Parks, gardens, cemeteries and open spaces:

  • Sites in Newcastle of special historic interest which have been altered too much to warrant being included on the national register.
  • Sites in Newcastle which were influential in the development of taste whether through reputation or references in literature.
  • Sites in Newcastle which are early representative examples of a style or layout, or a type of site, or work of a designer (amateur or professional) of local importance.
  • Sites in Newcastle having an association with locally significant persons or historical events.
  • Sites in Newcastle with a strong local group value.



Did you know?

Buildings and landscapes younger than 30 years old will be considered for entry on the Local List but must be of exceptional local interest.

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