Green Infrastructure Delivery Framework

Green Infrastructure Delivery Framework

As part of the development of the Core strategy and Urban Core Plan (CSUCP) (2015), a green infrastructure evidence base and strategy were produced. This consisted of detailed evidence reports which identified the existing condition of green infrastructure and the deficiencies and opportunities for improvement across the city. Based on this evidence a Green Infrastructure Strategy (2011) was developed. This identified the green infrastructure to be protected, enhanced and the opportunities for new provision.

The principles from the Green Infrastructure Strategy were used to inform in the CSUCP, in Policy CS18, which seeks to maintain, protect and enhance green infrastructure assets and improve linkages and access to assets. The CSUCP maps the green infrastructure network corridors and a number of opportunity areas and sets the policy requirement for new development to maintain, protect and enhance these areas, address gaps in the network and improve opportunity areas.

The Green Infrastructure Delivery Framework has been produced to provide an update on the implementation of green infrastructure. It sets out the delivery mechanisms and provides an ongoing action plan, a monitoring framework and a report on green infrastructure achievements.


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