Listed Building Consent, Advertisement Consent and other Prior Approvals

Listed Building Consent, Advertisement Consent and other Prior Approvals


Listed Building Consent

Before any works are done to a listed building, externally and internally, you might need to first gain Listed Building Consent. You can find out if the building is listed by using our interactive map of the listed buildings in Newcastle.

It is a criminal offence to carry out works without listed building consent on those buildings that need it.  You will need to apply for listed building consent if any of the following cases apply:

  • You want to demolish a listed building;
  • you want to alter or extend a listed building in a way that would affect its character;
  • or you may also need listed building consent for any works to structures within the grounds of a listed building.

If your Home is a Listed Building and you want to alter or extend it, you should click here for advice for for Householders.

Listed Building Regulations can be complex, so we may ask you to provide more detail on what you are proposing than for a planning application.  This will hopefully ensure that the works carried out are sympathetic to the building and land that surrounds it.

For further details on carrying out works to a listed building and the Council’s pre-application service to advise on the need for listed building consent please go the Listed Buildings page.

Further advice on enhancing and conserving the historic environment is set out in the National Planning Practice Guidance at:

In addition to obtaining Listed Building Consent you may also need to seek planning permission.  This will depend on what you are seeking to do.  You can apply for Planning and Listed Building Consent as a single submission.


Advertisement Consent

The advertisement control system is set out in the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007.

It includes the definition of an advertisement and sets out which types require permission from the Council (“express consent”); and which can be displayed without the need for consent (“deemed consent”).

Applications to display advertisements are assessed on their effect on amenity and public safety. Before displaying an advertisement, you should check the regulations and seek pre-application advice.

See our document for guidance on shopfronts and signage in the Historic Environment (pdf, 2mb)

The Government has also produced a Guide to Outdoor Advertisements and Signs .   

More information is available on the Advertisement Regulations is set out in National Planning Practice Guidance.   

You can apply online for Advertisement consent, through our pre-application service

It is a criminal offence to display an advertisement without consent.

  • In certain parts of the City, "To Let" / letting boards are not allowed -  the ‘deemed consent’ for their display was withdrawn by a Regulation 7 Order in 2015 .  Further details are available here.


Prior Notification - Householder Larger Home Extension

Please see our page here for advice and application forms for Prior Notification on works to your home.

An application for prior approval for a larger home extension should be submitted for a proposed single storey rear extension.  


Other Prior Approvals

Prior approval is required for some changes of use permitted development rights. Prior approval is a light-touch process which applies where the principle of the development has already been established.  The information required to support a prior approval submission is set out in the Council’s validation list.

Prior approval is also required for the demolition of a building outside of a conservation area and which is not included within a planning permission. The demolition of a building in a conservation area will normally need planning permission. Demolition of a all or part of a listed building also requires separate listed building consent.

Further information on the types of change of use and works, including demolition works, that can be carried out under a prior approval,  and the process for obtaining consent  is available on the Planning Portal and at


Did you know?

It is a criminal offence to carry out works to listed buildings without getting listed building consent, and also to display an advertisement without consent.

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