Motorcycle bays

Motorcycle bays

To assist motorcycle users there are a number of designated motorcycle bays situated throughout the city, both on street and within off street and multi-storey car parks.

The on street bays for motorcycles are marked out with white lines with the words solo m/c only as shown below.

  Motorcycle bay, ‘Solo MC/S only’ marked on highway’

Sign adjacent to motorcycle only bay, has a picture of a motorcycle


Details of on-street motorcycle parking provision can be found here

The motorcycle bays in off street car parks are marked out with white lines and the words solo m/c in the middle.

 Motorcycle Bay

Providing a motorcycle is in a motorcycle bay there would be no charge to park in these bays.

If these bays are full and the motorcycle user has to park in a charged parking bay, payment can be made at the pay and display machine by inserting coins into the machine.  The pay and display ticket can be displayed in an excise licence holder. or alternatively where the pay by phone service is in operation, a payment could be made by this method. If no payment is made, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) would be issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO).   

In some on street locations and within car parks and multi storey car parks, motorcycle users will be able to use a Credit/Debit card to pay for their parking session, providing the Check In Check Out service is available at that location.


From the beginning of October 2023, all of the other car parks and multi storey car parks which do not have this service in operation will have this service installed, but this may take a period of time for all of the machines to be upgraded.


As the machines are upgraded the facility to use coins would then be phased out of service.


Alternatively where the PayByPhone service is in operation a payment can be made using this method.  If no payment is made in  aby and at a time when payment is required, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) would be issued to the vehicle by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO).  


In multi storey car parks there are motorcycle stands close to the entrances. The motorcycle user would need a chain and a padlock with them to lock their motorcycle securely into the stand.

If a car or van parks in a bay dedicated for motorcycles only, a PCN would be issued by a CEO.   


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