Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services

What happens during rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a specialised short-term service at Connie Lewcock Resource Centre in Lemington. It is a 24 hour support  service where you can stay for up to 6 weeks.  Their specialised team support you to:

  • become more independent
  • improve your mobility
  • help you to make choices
  • look after yourself

Image of the Connie Lewcock Resource Centre building

The rehabilitation service includes:

  • assessment
  • treatment
  • preparing for your discharge from hospital
  • help to prevent you being admitted to hospital

Your care plan

You will take part in an assessment of your needs and preferences. Staff will create an individual, tailored care plan that records your aims and priorities. You will be asked to sign that you agree to the care and treatment being given.

Your health

Bring your prescribed medication with you. Medication must have been dispensed by a pharmacist and have pharmacy labels with your name on. You may self-administer, where appropriate. You will need to make your own arrangements to get to GP or hospital appointments, but we may temporarily register you with Holmeside Medical Group at Chapel House.

Facilities at the Connie Lewcock Resource Centre

 Accommodation is on the ground floor. All bathrooms are fully equipped to enable easy access. There is a laundry service. There are 23 single bedrooms which contain a:

  • hand basin
  • nurse call system
  • tailored beds
  • Wi Fi 
  • TV
  • sheets and towels

Social spaces

Image of a woman being supported by a member of staff to prepare a hot drink in the kitchen at Connie Lewcock Resource Centre

There are:

  • three large communal lounge areas to socialise and relax
  • a physiotherapy gym 
  • therapy kitchen
  • outdoor mobility area
  • gardens with seating

What to bring for your stay at Connie Lewcock Resource Centre

You need to bring:

  • clothing which is clearly labelled with your name
  • toiletries including a toothbrush and toothpaste. Fizzy denture cleaning tablets will be locked away.
  • a small amount of money held in a safe:  for social outings, taxi fares, personal expenses, hairdresser, or newspapers


We offer four meals a day and snacks and drinks.  We can monitor your weight and give food supplements when appropriate.  We provide meals that suit your dietary needs including:

  • diabetes
  • food intolerances and allergies
  • low-fat
  • multi-cultural diets



We offer a range of activities including:

  • daily exercise groups, physiotherapy sessions and kitchen practice
  • service user meeting
  • plan the next week’s activities

Image of exercise class taking place at the Connie Lewcock Resource Centre in the communal lounge area

Costs and charges

Our rehabilitation beds are therapy-led. There is usually no charge for up to six weeks of support. You may be charged if you stay longer than this, in line with our Charging Policy.

If you are in a crisis bed you may be charged for your stay after you have had a financial assessment. How much you pay depends on your financial circumstances.


Image of map which indicates where the Connie Lewcock Resource Centre is located

Need more information?

Contact Community Health and Social Care Direct


Phone: 0191 278 8377


Contact the Rehabilitation team

Phone: 0191 277 3699


Address: Connie Lewcock Resource Centre

West Denton Road


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 7LQ

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