The honorary title of Lady Mayoress is bestowed on the wife or nominated female companion of the Lord Mayor.

The husband or male companion of a female Lord Mayor is known as the Consort or Escort.

It is the usual practice for the Lady Mayoress or Consort be be accorded precedence alongside the Lord Mayor, although they are not included in the official Order of Procession. The postholder is expected to carry out a number of engagements on his/her own.

The current Lord Mayor has appointed three Consorts and 11 Lady Mayoresses, they are:

Trevor Stephenson
Andrew Stephenson
Patrick Cooney

Lady Mayoresses:
Isabel Cooney
Margaret Cooney
Paula Jardine
Fiona Bainbridge
Victoria Bainbridge
Susan Scott
Melanie Wallace
Cllr S White and Georgina
Claire Hodgson

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1 June 2016
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