Lord Mayors, Mayors and Sheriffs since 1216

Lord Mayors, Mayors and Sheriffs since 1216

1216Daniel son of Nicholas
1230-33John son of the Dean
1245-51Peter Scot
1252-58Henry of Carliol
1258-59Thomas of Carliol
1259Nicholas Scot
1260Thomas of Carliol
1260-63Henry of Carliol
1264-65Thomas of Carliol
1271 John son of Roger
1272Thomas of Carliol
1273Nicholas Scot
1274Henry Scot
1275-76John son of Roger
1277Henry Scot
1278Thomas of Carliol
1279-80John son of Roger
1281Robert of Mitford
1282-85Henry Scot
1286-87John son of Roger
1288-89Henry Scot
1290John Scot
1291-92Hugh of Carliol
1293Henry Scot
1294Hugh of Carliol
1295-97John Scot
1298-99Henry Scot
1300-02Peter Graper
1303-04Nicholas of Carliol
1305-08Richard of Emeldon
1309Nicholas of Carliol
1310Sir Nicholas Scot
1311-12Richard of Emeldon
1313Thomas of Carliol
1314-20Richard of Emeldon
1321Sir Nicholas Scot
1322-29Richard of Emeldon
1330William of Burneton
1331-32Richard of Emeldon
1333John of Denton
1334Richard of Acton
1335Hugh of Hecham
1336-37John of Denton
1338Robert of Shilvington
1339Walran of Lumley
1340John of Denton
1341Robert of Shilvington
1342Robert of Haliwell
1343-44Richard of Galeway
1345Robert of Shilvington
1346-47Peter Graper
1348-49Robert of Angerton
1350-51Gilbert of Duxfield
1352Peter Graper
1353-60William Del Strother
1361-62 John De La Chambre
1363-64Robert of Angerton
1364Richard of Stanhope
1365Sir William of Acton
1366John of Stanhope
1367-68Sir William of Acton
1369-70Robert of Angerton
1371John De La Chambre
1372Sir William of Acton
1373John of Bulkham
1374John of Refham
1375-76John of Bulkham
1377-78Richard of Stanhope
1379-81William of Bishopdale
1382Robert Oliver
1383John of Bulkham
1384Stephen Whitgray
1385Adam of Bulkham
1386Robert Plummer
1387John of Bulkham
1388Robert of Raynton
1389John of Horton
1390-92William of Bishopdale
1393-95Laurence of Acton
1396-97Sampson Harding
1398William Johnson
1399-1400Henry KarlellWilliam Redmarshall
1400Roger ThorntonRobert Gabefore
1401Robert CherdenJohn Paulyn
1402Roger ThorntonWilliam Esyngton
1403Roger ThorntonRobert Hebburn
1404Roger ThorntonWilliam Langton
1405Roger Thornton-
1406Robert GabeforeWilliam Redmarshall
1407William EsyngtonJohn Bywell
1408William LangtonWilliam Middleton
1409William LangtonJohn Wall
1410-Robert Hebburn
1411William LangtonJohn Paulyn
1412William JohnsonWilliam Redmarshall
1413 Robert Hebburn John Wall 
1414 Robert Hebburn William Middleton 
1415 Robert Hebburn (d) John Strother 
1416 Roger Thornton Richard Dalton 
1417 Roger Thornton John Rodes 
1418 John Strother John Wall 
1419 John Strother William Ellerby 
1420 John Bywell Robert Whelpyngton 
1421 John Strother Robert Swynburn 
1422 John Wall Richard Hall 
1423 Roger Thornton John Jay 
1424 Roger Thornton Laurence Acton 
1425 Roger Thornton John Pray 
1426 William Ellerby Thomas Chirden 
1427  John Wall John Clerk 
1428 Laurence ActonSimon Weltden 
1429 John Rodes John Jay 
1430 John Rodes Richard Hall 
1431 John Rodes John Clerk 
1432 Laurence Acton Edward Bertram 
1433 Laurence Acton Thomas Chirden 
1434 Richard Hall Thomas Papedy 
1435 Robert Whelpington Richard Bothe 
1436 Richard Hall Thomas Wardell 
1437 Laurence Acton John Chamber 
1438 Robert Whelpington William Lawes 
1439 John Clark Thomas Castell 
1440 John Chambers William Harding 
1441 William Harding John Musgrave 
1442 Thomas Warde Simon Weltden 
1443 John Musgrave William Jay 
1444 William Harding Thomas Hedlam 
1445 William Jay Thomas Bee 
1446 William Harding John Ward 
1447 William Harding John Ovyngton 
1448 John Ward Robert Baxter 
1449 William Harding John Richardson 
1450 John Ward Alan Byrd 
1451 Robert Baxter Alan Carr 
1452 William Harding John Baxter 
1453 John Carlell John Penreth 
1454 John Richardson Nicholas Wetwang 
1455 John Richardson William Rothom 
1456 John Richardson Thomas Cuthbert 
1457 John Richardson John Nikson 
1458 John Pendreth Robert Stevenson 
1459 John Richardson Henry Fouler 
1460 Robert Baxter Richard Stevenson 
1461 John Richardson Nicholas Haynyng 
1462 Allen Bird Nicholas Wetwang 
1463 Allen Bird Henry Fouler 
1464 John Nixon William Blaxton 
1465 Allen Bird Nicholas Haynyng 
1466 John Nixon William Thompson 
1467 William Blaxton Robert Chambers 
1468 John Nixon John Easington 
1469 Richard Stevenson John Coke 
1470 William Blaxton John Fisher 
1471 John Nixon Thomas Lockwood 
1472 William Blaxton George Carr 
1473 William Blaxton Thomas Swan 
1474 Nicholas Haynyng Robert Harden 
1475 John Carlell William Hudson 
1476 John Carlell John Sample 
1477 John Coke Peter Bewick 
1478 Robert Chambers John Hilton 
1479 John Sample John Riddesdale 
1480 John Carlell William Scott 
1481 George Carr William Bewley 
1482 John Coke William Cunningham 
1483 John Carlell Robert Stokhall 
1484 George Carr George Bird 
1485 Richard Chamber Thomas Harbred 
1486 George Carr Robert Brigham 
1487 George Carr John Penrith 
1488 Thomas Lockwood William Richardson 
1489 George Carr William Chambers 
1490 Peter Bewick Thomas Morpath 
1491 George Carr Robert Harding 
1492 George Carr Bertram Younghusband 
1493 George Carr Thomas Harbred 
1494 George Bird Thomas Green 
1495 George Bird Christopher Brigham 
1496 George Bird William Hayning 
1497Robert Harding William Davell 
1498 George Carr John Penrith 
1499 Robert Brigham John Snowe 
1500George CarrThomas Riddell
William Selby
1501Bertram YounghusbandWilliam Selby
1502George CarrRichard Hill
1503John SnoweRobert Baxter
1504Christopher BrighamJohn Blaxton
1505Christopher BrighamJohn Brandling
1506George BirdThomas Saunderson
1507Bertram YounghusbandWilliam Harbred
1508Robert BaxterThomas Lyghton
1509John BrandlingEdward Baxter
1510Thomas RiddellRoger Dent
1511George Bird (d)
Christopher Brigham
John Passhelower
1512John BrandlingThomas Horsley
1513John BlaxtonWilliam Harding
1514Thomas HorsleyRobert Watson
1515Roger DentRobert Russell
1516John BrandlingPeter Chater
1517Edward BaxterNicholas Richardson
1518Edward BaxterThomas Baxter
1519Thomas HorsleyGilbert Middleton
1520John BrandlingHenry Anderson
1521Thomas RiddellGeorge Davell
1522Edward BaxterRobert Bartram
1523Edward BaxterJames Lawson
1524Thomas HorsleyRobert Brandling
1525Thomas HorsleyJohn Watson
1526Thomas RiddellEdward Swynborne
1527John BlaxtonWilliam Carr
1528Edward SwinburnAndrew Bewick
1529James LawsonBartholomew Bee
1530Gilbert MiddletonRoger Mitford
1531Robert BrandlingJohn Saunderson
1532Henry AndersonRalph Carr
1533Thomas HorsleyWilliam Dent
1534Ralph CarrPeter Bewick
1535Thomas BaxterThomas Bewick
1536Robert BrandlingJohn Ord
1537John SandersonJohn White
1538Andrew BewickGeorge Selby
1539Henry AndersonJohn Hilton
1540James LawsonRobert Brigham
1541John HiltonRobert Lewyn
1542Henry AndersonMark Shafto
1543Robert BrandlingBertram Anderson
1544Robert LewenCuthbert Ellison
1545George DavellOswald Chapman
1546Henry AndersonEdward Baxter
1547Sir Robert BrandlingThomas Scott
1548Mark ShaftoCuthbert Blount
1549Cuthbert EllisonRichard Hodgson
1550Robert BrighamCuthbert Musgrave
1551Bartram AndersonChristopher Mitford
1552Robert LewenJohn Rawe
1553Cuthbert BluntRobert Ellison
1554Cuthbert EllisonWilliam Dickinson
1555Richard HodgsonJohn Wilkinson
1556Christopher MitfordWilliam Dent
1557Bartram AndersonWilliam Carr
1558Oswald ChapmanAndrew Surtees
1559Robert EllisonRobert Anderson
1560Cuthbert MusgraveFrancis Anderson
1561John WilkinsonStephen Southern
1562William DentGeorge Helye
1563Bartram AndersonThomas Liddel
1564Sir Robert BrandlingWilliam Selby
1565William CarrAnthony Swinburn
1566Richard HodgsonHenry Brandling
1567Robert AndersonJohn Watson
1568Henry BrandlingWilliam Jennison
1569Christopher MitfordGeorge Simpson
1570Robert EllisonGeorge Briggs
1571William JenisonHenry Anderson
1572Thomas LiddelRobert Barker
1573William SelbyMark Shafto
1574John WatsonRoger Rawe
1575Henry AndersonWilliam Riddell
1576Henry Brandling Christopher Lewen 
1577Robert Barker Edward Lewen 
1578 Mark Shafto Henry Tennant 
1579 Roger Rawe James Carr 
1580 Richard Hodgson Robert Atkinson 
1581 William Jenison Henry Chapman 
1582 William Riddell Henry Mitford 
1583 Henry Anderson Roger Nicholson 
1584 Henry Mitford Lionel Maddison 
1585 Robert Barker George Whitfield 
1586 Henry Chapman Robert Dudley 
1587 Edward Lewen Robert Eden 
1588 Roger Nicholson George Farnaby 
1589 William Selby John Gibson 
1590Robert Atkinson Ralph Jenison 
1591 George Farnaby William Greenwell
1592 Roger Rawe Ralph Jenison
Thomas Liddell 
1593 Lionel Maddison Henry Holford
William Jenison 
1594 Henry Anderson George Selby 
1595 William Riddell Francis Anderson 
1596 Ralph Jenison (d)
Henry Chapman 
Francis Anderson
Adrvan Hedworth 
1597 Thomas Liddell William Huntly 
1598 George Farnaby William Warmouth 
1599William JenisonJames Clavering 
1600George SelbyRobert Anderson
1601Francis AndersonThomas Riddel
1602Robert DudleyFrancis Burrell
1603William WarmouthMatthew Chapman
1604Thomas RiddelPeter Riddel
1605 Lionel Maddison Henry Maddison 
1606 Sir George SelbyHugh Selby
1607James ClaveringRobert Shafto
1608Henry ChapmanWilliam Hall
1609Thomas LiddelThomas Liddel the Younger
1610William JenisonTimothy Draper
1611Sir George Selby Alexander Davison
1612Francis AndersonRoger Anderson
1613Sir Henry AndersonHenry Chapman
1614William WarmouthJohn Cook
1615Francis BurrellRobert Bewick
1616Sir Thomas RiddellMichael Milburn 
1617Lionel MaddisonWilliam Bonner
1618James ClaveringJohn Clavering
1619Sir Peter RiddellRobert Anderson
1620Henry ChapmanNicholas Tempest
1621William JenisonHenry Liddel
1622Sir George SelbyRobert Ledger
William Jackson
1623Henry MaddisonHenry Bowes
William Jackson
1624William HallLionel Maddison
1625Thomas LiddellRalph Cole
1626Alexander DavisonRalph Cock
1627Henry ChapmanHenry Cock
1628Robert Bewick Ralph Grey
1629John Clavering Robert Shaftoe
1630Robert AndersonJames Carr
1631William WarmouthHenry Warmouth
1632Sir Lionel MaddisonFrancis Bowes
1633Ralph ColeNicholas Cole
1634Ralph CockJohn Marley
1635Sir Peter RiddellLeonard Carr
1636Thomas LiddellHenry Lawson
1637John MarleyPeter Maddison
1638Alexander DavisonMark Milbank
1639Robert BewickJohn Emmerson
1640Sir Nicholas Cole, BartFrancis Liddell
1641Sir Nicholas Cole, BartFrancis Anderson
1642Sir John MarleyHenry Maddison
1643Sir John MarleyCuthbert Carr
1644Sir John Marley
Henry Warmouth
James Cole
Robert Ellison
1645John BlaxtonChristopher Nicholson
1646Henry DawsonHenry Rawling
1647Thomas LedgerRobert Young
1648Thomas Bonner Ralph Jennison
1649William DawsonSamuel Rawlings
1650George DawsonJohn Lodge
1651Thomas BonnerPeter Sanderson
1652Henry Dawson (d)
George Dawson
John Butler
1653William JohnsonRobert Johnson
1654William Johnson John Rumney
1655Robert ShaftoeHenry Thompson
1656Henry RawlingGeorge Blakiston
1657George DawsonGeorge Thoresby
1658Mark MilbankJohn Watson
1659Thomas BonnerJames Briggs
1660John EmmersonWilliam Blackett
1661Sir John MarleyThomas Jennison
1662Sir Francis AndersonHenry Brabant
1663Sir James ClaveringRobert Shaftoe
1664Sir Francis LiddelFrancis Liddel
1665Henry MaddisonWilliam Carr
1666William BlackettTimothy Davison
1667Henry BrabantRalph Grey
1668Ralph JennisonRobert Jennison
1669Thomas DavisonJohn Rogers
1670William CarrRichard Wright
Robert Roddam
1671Ralph GreyMatthew Jeffryson
1672Mark MilbankRobert Malabar
1673Timothy DavisonGeorge Morton
1674Thomas JennisonHenry Jennison
1675Sir Francis AndersonWilliam Christian
1676Sir Ralph CarrMichael Blackett
1677Robert RoddamTimothy Robson
1678Matthew JeffrysonNicholas Fenwick
1679George MortonWilliam Aubone
1680Sir Nathaniel JohnsonJoseph Bonner
1681Timothy RobsonJohn Squire
1682Nicholas FenwickNicholas Ridley
1683William BlackettJohn Rumney
1684William AuboneWilliam Proctor
1685Sir Henry BrabantRalph Elstob
1686Nicholas ColeThomas Paise
1687John Squire (r)
Sir William Creagh
William Ramsay (r)
Samuel Gill
1688William Hutchinson (r)
Nicholas Ridley
Matthew Partis (r)
Matthew White
1689William CarrWilliam Fetherstonhaugh
1690William RamseyThomas Wasse
1691Matthew WhiteJoseph Atkinson
1692Thomas WasseBenjamin Davison
1693Sir Ralph CarrGeorge Whinfield
1694Joseph AtkinsonRobert Eden
1695Timothy RobsonGeorge Henderson
1696George WhinfieldWilliam Ramsay
1697Nicholas FenwickGeorge Cuthbertson
1698Sir William BlackettEdward Harrison
1699Robert EdenJonathan Hargrave
1700George HendersonJohn Bowes
1701William RamseyWilliam Boutflower
1702 William Carr John Bell 
1703 Matthew White Allan Bateman 
1704 Thomas Wasse Matthew Matfen (d)
Jonathan Rodham 
1705 Sir Ralph Carr William Ellison 
1706 Nicholas Ridley Matthew Fetherstonhaugh 
1707 Joseph Atkinson Henry Reay 
1708 Robert Fenwick Edward Johnson 
1709 George Whinfield (d)
Jonathan Rodham 
Henry Dalston 
1710 William Ellison Ralph Reed 
1711 Matthew Fetherstonhaugh Francis Rudston 
1712 Henry Reay Joseph Green 
1713 Richard Ridley Nicholas Fenwick 
1714 Edward Johnson Roger Matfen 
1715 Henry Dalston Nathaniel Clayton 
1716 Ralph Reed Francis Johnson 
1717 Francis Rudstone John Kelly 
1718 Sir William Blackett Thomas Stephenson 
1719 Joseph Green Cuthbert Fenwicke 
1720 Nicholas Fenwick Jacob Rutter 
1721 Francis Johnson Stephen Coulson 
1722 William Ellison Robert Sorsbie 
1723 Matthew Fetherstonhaugh Richard Swinburn 
1724 William Carr James Moncaster 
1725 Nathaniel Clayton Thomas Wasse 
1726 Nicholas Fenwick Joseph Liddell 
1727  Cuthbert Fenwick Robert Johnson 
1728 Stephen Coulson John Stephenson 
1729 Henry Reay Cuthbert Smith 
1730 Francis Rudston William Harbottle 
1731 Robert Sorsbie Chaloner Cooper 
1732 Richard Ridley William Fenwick 
1733 Matthew Ridley John Simson 
1734 William Ellison Robert Ellison 
1735 Walter Blackett John Wilkinson 
1736 Nicholas Fenwick Matthew Bell 
1737 William Carr Jonathan Sorsbie 
1738 Nathaniel Clayton William Greenwell 
1739 Cuthbert Fenwick Cuthbert Collingwood 
1740 Edward Collingwood Ralph Sowerby 
1741 Robert SorsbieJohn Ord 
1742 John Simpson William Peareth
1743 Ralph SowerbyGeorge Colpitts 
1744John Ord (d)
Matthew Ridley 
Aubonne Surtees 
1745 Cuthbert Smith Henry Partis 
1746 Nicholas Fenwick Henry Eden 
1747 Nicholas Fenwick William Watson 
1748 Walter Blackett John Vonholte 
1749 Robert Sorsbie Robert Heron 
1750 Ralph Sowerby William Clayton 
1751 Matthew Ridley Matthew Scafe 
1752 Henry Partis Francis Rudston 
1753 Henry Eden John Harrison 
1754 Cuthbert Smith William Rowell 
1755 William Clayton William Harbottle 
1756 Sir Walter Blackett, Bart John Erasmus Blackett 
1757 Matthew Bell John Scurfield 
1758 Ralph Sowerby Edward Mosley 
1759 Matthew Ridley Matthew Stephenson 
1760 Henry Partis John Baker 
1761 Aubone Surtees Fletcher Partis 
1762 Cuthbert Smith Hugh Hornby 
1763 William Clayton Francis Forster 
1764 Sir Walter Blackett, Bart Thomas Blackett 
1765 John Erasmus Blackett Charles Atkinson 
1766 Matthew Scafe John Hedley 
1767 Edward Mosley  Richard Lacey 
1768 John Baker William Coulson 
1769 Francis Forster William Reed 
1770 Aubone Surtees James Liddell 
1771 Sir Walter Blackett, Bart Christopher Wilkinson 
1772 John Erasmus Blackett James Rudman 
1773 Matthew Scafe (d)
Edward Mosley 
William Yielder 
1774 Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart Francis Johnson 
1775 Charles Atkinson William Cramlington 
1776 John Baker James Thomas Loraine 
1777 John Hedley Robert Clayton 
1778 Hugh Hornby James Wilkinson 
1779 Francis Forster Isaac Cookson 
1780 John Erasmus Blackett William Surtees 
1781 Edward Mosley John Wallis (r)
George Colpitts 
1782 Sir Matthew White Ridley Richard Bell 
1783 Charles Atkinson Christopher Soulsby 
1784 James Rudman Edward Dale 
1785 William Yielder Aubone Surtees the Younger 
1786 Francis Johnson Richard Chambers 
1787 Wil l iam Cramli ngton Joseph Forster 
1788John HedleyRobert Newton Lynn 
1789 Hugh HornbyNathaniel Hornby
1790 John Erasmus Blackett Charles John Clavering 
1791 Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart Shaftoe John Hedley 
1792 James Rudman Matthew Pringle 
1793  William Yielder Henry Joseph Hounsom 
1794 Francis Johnson Archibald Reed 
1795 Richard Chambers Anthony Hood 
1796 William Cramlington Nicholas Hall 
1797 Anthony Hood Thomas Smith 
1798 John Wallis William Wright 
1799 Robert Shafto Hedley Henry Cramlington 
1800Archibald ReedAubone Surtees the Younger
1801Joseph ForsterMatthew Hedley (d)
Isaac Cookson, younger
1802Thomas ClennellDixon Brown
1803Thomas SmithThomas Cookson
1804Robert ClaytonBenjamin Sorsbie
1805Henry Cramlington Nathaniel John Winch
1806Archibald ReedJohn Cookson
1807Anthony HoodThomas Burdon
1808Joseph ForsterThomas Burdon (r)
Benjamin Sorsbie (r)
George Shadforth
1809Isaac Cookson, jnr.Job James Bulman
1810Thomas BurdonWilliam Smoult Temple
1811George Forster Thomas Burdon, jnr.
1812Robert ClaytonThomas Anderson
1813Thomas SmithThomas Smith, jnr.
1814Benjamin SorsbieRichard Brewster
1815Henry CramlingtonRalph Naters
1816Sir Thomas BurdonThomas Loggan
1817Robert Clayton William Clayton
1818Joseph ForsterHenry Clayton
1819Archibald ReedNicholas Naters
1820George ForsterJohn Anderson
1821Aubone SurteesAlfred Hall
1822Robert BellEdward Johnson
1823William Wright Edward John Jackson 
1824 Henry Cramlington George Shadforth 
1825 George Forster John Lionel Hood 
1826Archibald Reed Alfred Hall 
1827Benjamin Sorsbie Edward Dale
1828 Robert Bell John Brandling
1829 George ShadforthHenry Reed
1830 Archibald ReedWilliam Smith 
1831Archibald ReedWilliam Aubone Surtees
1832John BrandlingHenry Bell
1833Henry BellG.C. Atkinson
1834John Lionel HoodJ.M. Chapman
1835Charles John BiggeThomas Dunn
1836Joseph LambAnthony Nichol
1837Thomas Emerson HeadlamJohn Carr
1838John FifeWilliam Brownsword Proctor
1839John CarrRobert Boyd
1840John RidleyJames Archbold
1841James HodgsonJohn Thomas Carr
1842Thomas DunnJoseph Hawks
1843Sir John Fife William Cookson
1844Addison Langhorn PotterJohn Fetherstone Ayton
1845Thomas Emerson HeadlamMatthew Robert Bigge
1846James ArchboldJoseph Crawhall
1847Stephen LowreyJames Dent Weatherley
1848James Dent WeatherleyNathaniel Grace Lambert
1849Joseph CrawhallRalph Dodds
1850William ArmstrongMark Lambert Jobling
1851James HodgsonIsaac Lowthian Bell
1852Nathaniel Grace LambertHenry Ingledew
1853Ralph DoddsJohn Gibson
1854Isaac Lowthian BellEdward Nathaniel Grace
1855Ralph Park PhilipsonAnthony Nichol
1856Edward Nathaniel GraceJoseph Armstrong
1857Anthony NicholJohn Ormston
1858Joseph LaycockGeorge Robinson
1859John BlackwellWilliam Hawthorn
1860Henry IngledewThomas Hedley
1861Joseph ArmstrongBenjamin Plummer
1862Isaac Lowthian BellHenry Parker
1863Thomas HedleyWilliam Hunter
1864Edward Mosley PerkinsWilliam Lockey Harie
1865Ralph DoddsHenry Angus
1866William HunterRichard Cail
1867Henry AngusJohn Mawson (d)
1868James MorrisonGeorge William Hodge
1869James MorrisonThomas Leslie Gregson
1870Richard Burdon SandersonWilliam Daggett
1871Thomas Leslie GregsonJohn Brunton Falconar
1872Richard CailWilliam Stephen Daglish
1873Addison PotterCharles Henry Young
1874Addison PotterJohn Oliver Scott
1875William Haswell StephensonThomas Forster
1876John Oliver ScottWilliam Stewart
1877Thomas RobinsonHenry William Newton
1878Thomas RobinsonJohn Gibson Youll
1879Richard CailWilliam Davies Stephen
1880Jonathan AngusThomas Richardson
1881Jonathan AngusThomas George Gibson
1882Thomas George GibsonHenry Clapham (d)
1883Henry William NewtonThomas Nelson
1884William Haswell StephensonThomas Gray
1885Benjamin Chapman BrowneThomas Bell
1886Sir Benjamin Chapman BrowneWilliam Haswell Stephenson
1887William Davies StephensJoseph Baxter Ellis
1888Thomas RichardsonWilliam Sutton
1889Thomas BellEdward Culley
1890Joseph Baxter EllisStephen Quin
1891William SuttonBenjamin John Sutherland
1892Edward CulleyRiley Lord
1893Stephen QuinJohn Goolden
1894William Haswell StephensonThomas Barkas Sanderson
1895Riley LordGeorge Harkus
1896John GooldenJohn Beattie
1897Thomas Barkas SandersonJohn Frederick Weidner
1898George HarkusAndrew Peter Anderson
1899Sir Riley LordJohn James Forster
1900John BeattieJames John Gillespie
1901Henry William NewtonWilliam John Sanderson
1902Sir William Haswell StephensonJohn Matthew Oubridge
1903Andrew Peter AndersonWilliam Cowell
1904Joseph Baxter EllisArthur Scott
1905Sir Joseph Baxter EllisJohnstone Wallace
1906John Matthew OubridgeJohn Fitzgerald
1907William John SandersonWalter Lee
1908John James ForsterThomas William Rowe
1909Sir William Haswell StephensonWilliam Robert Armstrong
1910Sir William Haswell StephensonRichard Henry Millican
1911Sir William Haswell StephensonCharles Thomas Stableforth
1912John Frederick WeidnerGabriel Theodore de Loriol
1913Johnstone WallaceHerbert Shaw
1914John FitzgeraldRobert Pettillo Dawson
1915George LunnWilliam Bramble
1916George LunnArthur Munro Sutherland
1917Sir George LunnStephen Easten
1918Arthur Munro SutherlandJohn Graham Cole
1919Walter LeeRichard Mayne
1920Thomas William RoweAnthony Oates
1921Richard Henry MillicanJames Lunn
1922William BrambleDavid Adams
1923Stephen EastenArthur William Lambert
1924Walter LeeJohn Grantham
1925Anthony OatesRobert Jackson Thompson
1926Arthur William LambertRobert Stanley Dalgleish
1927Stephen EastenJoseph Stephenson
1928Arthur William LambertWilliam Adams Allan
1929Joseph StephensonJohn George Nixon jnr.
1930David AdamsJoseph William Leech
1931John George Nixon jnr.John Leadbitter
1932Joseph William LeechJohn William Telford
1933John LeadbitterWilliam Locke
1934Robert Stanley DalgleishGilbert Oliver
1935William LockeWilliam Robert Wallace
1936John GranthamWilliam Taylor (d)
Adamson Dawson Russell
1937Gilbert OliverJohn Edward Scanlan
1938William Robert WallaceGeorge Dixon
1939Adamson Dawson RussellRichard Jordon Richardson (d)
Walter Thompson
1940Adamson Dawson RussellThomas Clements
1941George DixonRichard Embleton
1942Walter ThompsonJames Alexander Clydesdale
1944Thomas ClementsErnest George King
1945James Alexander ClydesdaleJames Pearson
1946James PearsonThomas McCutcheon
1947/8Thomas McCutcheonThomas Tully
1949Aaron Charlton CurryNorman Hackworth Chapman
1950Norman Hackworth ChapmanViolet Hardisty Grantham
1951William McKeagRobert Mould-Graham
1952Violet Hardisty GranthamWilliam Temple
1953William McKeagArthur Howell
1954Robert Mould-GrahamHenry Waller
1955Henry WallerDorothy Ann Fitzpatrick
1956Aaron Charlton Curry (d)
Violet Hardisty Grantham
John William Telford
1957John William TelfordEthel Beatrice Temple
1958Dorothy Ann FitzpatrickRobert Skinner Gray
1959Catherine Campbell ScottGladys Robson
1960Gladys RobsonGeorge Jacobson
1961Henry RussellHenry Simm
1962George JacobsonCatherine Campbell Scott
1963Henry Simm (d)
Peter Henry Renwick
Jonathan Farries Burton
1964Peter Henry RenwickHenry Russell
1965Theresa Science RussellJoseph Christopher Dixon McKenzie
1966Jonathan Farries BurtonMary Shaw
1967Albert Roy HadwinPeter Henry Renwick (d)
Isabella McCambridge (d)
Robert Skinner Gray
1968Robert Skinner GrayHorace John Milton Leigh Criddle
1969William Ritchie Samuel ForsythAmelia Louisa Storey
1970William HardingWatson Oliver
1971Madge Elaine GrahamJoseph William Norman Petty
1972Arthur GreyThomas Allen Waters
1973Arthur GreyCyril Lipman


YearMayorSheriffBrief Information about Mayor
1974Margaret Collins Enrolled as an Honorary Freeman in 1980 Represented St. Lawrence until 1982    Died in 1986
1975Iris Margaret Steedman 

Represented West City Ward until 1992 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 1992 Awarded an MBE in 1999

Died in 2008

1976Hugh Jackson White Represented Blakelaw Ward until 1987      Died in 1988
1977Thomas Watson Collins Enrolled as an Honorary Freeman in 1980 Represented Monkchester Ward to 1987  Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman in 1987 Died in 1988.
1978Doris Alma Starkey Represented Elswick Ward until 1981      Died in 1984.
1979Margaret Stevens Murray Represented Moorside Ward until 1983   Died in 1987
1980John Charlton Kerrigan Represent Woolsington Ward until 1997 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman in 1997 Died in 2000.
1981Bennie Abrahams Represented Monkchester Ward until 1986 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman in 1986 Died in 1990
1982Thomas William Yellowley Represented Benwell Ward until his death in 1995
1983Arthur Fletcher Stabler Represent West City Ward until his death in 1997
1984Norman Stockdale Represented Walker Ward until his death in 1987
1985Royston Craig Burgess Represented Scotswood Ward until 1995 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 1995 Died in 2009
1986James Peter Laing Represented Fawdon Ward until 2004 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 2005
1987Stanley John Clark Allan Represented Woolsington Ward until his death in 1991
1988Derek Webster Represented Lemington Ward until 1990
1989Terence Cooney Represented Fenham Ward until his death in 2008.
1990Cuthbert Stephenson Represented Denton Ward until 1996 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 1996
1991Thomas Johnston Marr Represented Byker Ward until his death in 1998
1992Cecil Arthur Cook Represented Benwell Ward until his death in 2002
1993Joan Margaret Lamb Represented Scotswood Ward until 2000 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 2000
1994Robert Crofton Brown Represented Newburn Ward until his death in 1996
1995Bernard Rice Represent Walkergate Ward until 2004 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 2005
1996Leslie Alexander RussellMary Isabel NixonRepresented Monkchester Ward to 1999 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 1999 Died in 2012
1997Mary Isabel NixonDavid Serge SlesengerRepresented Newburn Ward until her death in 2002
1998Thomas Daniel MarshallJohn Cunningham

Represented Newburn Ward until 2004  Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 2005

Died 16 July 2008

1999John CunninghamPeter John Stuart ThomsonRepresented Walker Ward until his death in July 2003
2000Peter John Stuart ThomsonMary Jane CarrRepresented Elswick Ward until 2004
2001Mary Jane CarrJohn MarshallRepresented Denton Ward until 2004, Died in 2011
2002John MarshallMargaret Richardson CarterRepresented Wingrove Ward until 2004, Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman in 2008
2003Margaret Richardson CarterGeoge William DouglasRepresented Kenton Ward until 2012, Died 2018
2004George William DouglasDavid Serge SlesengerRepresented Walker Ward until 2007 Enrolled as an Honorary Alderman 2007 Died in 2010.
2005David Serge SlesengerDiane Margaret Packham Represented East Gosforth Ward until 2018, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2019
2006Diane Margaret Packham Peter John ArnoldRepresented Parklands Ward until 2017
2007Peter John ArnoldDavid Leslie Wood Represented Denton Ward until 2010
2008David Leslie Wood Michael CooksonRepresents Walker Ward
2009Michael CooksonBrenda Hindmarsh Represented East Gosforth ward to 2011, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2012, Died in 2019
2010 Brenda Hindmarsh Geoff O'Brien Represents Fawdon & West Gosforth Ward.
2011Geoff O'Brien Jackie SlesengerRepresented Westgate Ward until 2018, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2019, Died November 2023
2012Jackie SlesengerMargaret WoodRepresented West Gosforth until 2018, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2019
2013Margaret WoodGeorge PattisonRepresents Walker Ward
2014George PattisonIan GrahamRepresents Kingston Park South and Newbiggin Hall Ward
2015Ian GrahamHazel StephensonRepresented Castle Ward until 2018, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2019
2016Hazel StephensonLinda WrightRepresents Benwell and Scotswood Ward
2017Linda WrightDavid DownRepresents Callerton & Throckley Ward
2018David DownDavid CookRepresented Parklands Ward until 2019
2019David CookHabib RahmanRepresented Lemington Ward until 2022, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2023
2020David CookHabib RahmanRepresented Lemington Ward until 2022, Enrolled as Honorary Alderman in 2023
2021Habib RahmanKaren RobinsonRepresents Elswick Ward
2022Karen RobinsonVeronica DunnRepresents Dene and South Gosforth Ward
2023Veronica DunnMaureen Lowson until Oct 2023 then Rob HigginsRepresents Byker Ward
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