Newcastle Private Rented Service - Support for tenants

Newcastle Private Rented Service - Support for tenants

Help for private tenants

We understand that most private landlords in our city provide a professional housing offer and work well with their tenants, but we know that problems do occur. Tenants do not always understand their rights or know who to talk to when they have a problem with a landlord.

We have a range of free services to help tenant understand their rights and responsibilities and ensure everyone has a great renting experience.


Home Finder List

Finding a suitable private tenancy can be a bit of a minefield as standards and prices vary. We provide a list of vacant properties to rent, all of which are accredited and offered at an affordable rent.

You can view the properties to rent online or sign up to receive our weekly updates by email or by post.


Rent Deposit Scheme

There are a lot of costs associated with renting a new home and one of the biggest is the security deposit. If you found property to rent but have not got enough money for the deposit our Rent Deposit Scheme may be able to help.

If you qualify for our Rent Deposit Scheme, we can help by providing a no cash deposit for suitable private rented property in Newcastle, to find out more go to our Rent Deposit Scheme web page or contact us at


Advice and support

Our advice service helps tenants understand their rights and responsibilities. We can provide you with advice and even work with you and to talk to your landlord about problems you might be experiencing.

If you need help with other things like debt we can help refer you to other services that can help to make sure you have everything you need to manage your tenancy successfully.

If you want to know more about your rights we have an online tenant handbook with useful information about managing your tenancy and videos to guide you when choosing a home. In addition, we have a tenant's toolkit which include guides and templates to help you when dealing with your landlord.


Accreditation Scheme

The Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary scheme that recognizes landlords who offer safe, decent, professionally managed homes. All accredited properties must meet our high standards which have been set to help improve housing in the private rented sector for the benefit of tenants and landlords.

Renting a property that is accredited offers a level of reassurance that the landlord is accountable and has proven themselves to be a professional and responsible landlord.

You can find out of the property you currently rent or are considering renting on our website Private Rented Service

If you have concerns at an Accredited property you can report problems to us at


Contact us


Telephone: 0191 277 1438 between 9am and 12 Monday to Friday.

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