Community Health and Social Care Direct

Community Health and Social Care Direct is our main contact point. Staff are available to speak to you and to answer any questions you may have about social care in Newcastle. CHSCD will be able to give you information and advice, advise you on local services, or may refer you for further assessment. If you require information about care and support in a particular format or language, please contact Community Health and Social Care Direct.

CHSCD is also a joint contact point for community health services. We can offer information and advice or refer you onto a number of community health services. For more information on these services visit the Short term rehabilitation page.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Phone: 0191 2788377
Mobile: 0796 8474891

You can also write to Community Health and Social Care Direct, 2nd Floor, Westgate Community Complex, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9LU

Emergency Duty Team

If you need urgent help with social care during the evening or at weekends, telephone: 0191 2787878.

Complaints about Adult Social Care

How to make a complaint about Adult Social Care.


If you have a non urgent query about equipment, want to learn more about equipment available or find out what support there may be to help you get equipment you can use our chat bot.

This is a new service which we are testing. It can help you find services and give advice on what is available to help you.

If you have an urgent request please call us on: 0191 278 8377 or contact the Emergency Duty Team if it is outside of work hours on 0191 278 7878

Newcastle City Council will keep a record of this conversation which will be used to improve the service.

We won't ask you for any personal information in the conversation but you can contact the Social Care Direct team if you would like to have your conversation deleted.

You can read about our terms and conditions for using the bot here


Additional Support (Advocacy)

In certain circumstances, we will arrange for an independent person to offer you support and assistance during your contact with adult social care. This is known as advocacy. The law says we have to arrange this in certain situations, for example:

  • Where there is an important decision to be made; someone lacks capacity to make this decision for themselves, and they have no family or friends to offer support.
  • Where someone has substantial difficulty understanding or engaging in the assessment process, and there are no family or friends to offer support.

However, there are other situations where advocacy may be available. For example, an advocate may be able to help you to ensure your views are heard. In Newcastle, Advocacy Centre North can provide information about this type of service.

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27 February 2019
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