Check what benefits you can receive

Check what benefits you can receive

You could be missing out on benefits which you are entitled to claim

Billions of pounds of benefits go unclaimed each year. For example, Pension Credit for older people, disability benefits for those with care or mobility needs, benefits for carers and extras for those not able to work through sickness. See our benefit information page for more details

To find out, use an online calculator or get advice - see below

Are you on a benefit that Universal Credit is replacing like Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit or Tax Credits? You may be better off claiming Universal Credit, but you may be better off staying on those benefits while you can.  More details on our special page The move to Universal Credit and see our page about Universal Credit

To find out, use an online calculator or get advice - see below

Use an online calculator to check that you are receiving your full benefit entitlement:

Visit this Government website for links to free online benefits calculators - to find out what benefits you may be entitled to and also how your benefits may be affected when starting work or in work

Visit this website to calculate an estimate of how much Tax Credits you may be entitled to

To get benefit advice in Newcastle:

See the document Where to get advice in Newcastle on our page Benefit advice services in Newcastle and benefit offices 

Are you struggling with money or affected by the cost of living crisis?

See our Debt and money advice page for help and advice and the special Cost of living page