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Legal information - School Admissions

Who should apply?

Either parent with parental responsibility can make an application for a school place unless there is a Court Order which states differently. Where more than one adult shares parental responsibility and they live at different addresses, it is important that agreement is reached, before making the application, on which schools to apply for. If conflicting applications are received, or the Admissions Team is made aware of a dispute between parents, all applications will be placed on hold and will not be processed until:

  • one joint application is made; or
  • written agreement is provided from both parents; or
  • a Court Order is obtained confirming which parent’s application takes priority.

What happens if someone gives false information on their application?

Address fraud

Every year we have cases where parents give false addresses to get a place at a preferred school. We carry out address checks and ask for proof of address. If we don't believe your address is genuine, we will withdraw any offer of a school place and may take further action. If the place is not removed because the fraud isn't discovered until the child has been attending the school for some time, the school may remove any sibling link for other children in the family or remove the feeder link for secondary transfer. It is your responsibility to prove the child's address if requested.

Fraud can prevent genuine applicants from getting a place at a school. If you have any concerns or information about the use of fraudulent addresses, please contact the School Admissions team in confidence.

Sibling links

If your child is given priority because you state that an older brother or sister (sibling) is attending a school, you must tell us immediately if this situation changes. If you accept a change of school for the older sibling, your younger child may lose their allocated place.

When can the offer of a place be withdrawn?

We reserve the right to withdraw an offer of a place in certain circumstances. By submitting your application you are stating that the information given is true and accurate, that you have read and understood the admissions guidance and the admission policy for each school you are applying for.

Examples of when a place could be withdrawn are:

  • Where you have given fraudulent or intentionally misleading information such as a false address
  • Where you have not responded to an offer within the timescale
  • Where the offer has been made in error
  • If you have not informed us of a change in circumstances after you have applied that could affect your child’s application, such as a change of address or if an older sibling will no longer be in the preferred school in September (loss of sibling link)
  • If we are able to offer a higher preference school. We will remove the offer for any lower preference school even if you have accepted the place unless you inform us in writing that you wish to be removed from the waiting list for the higher preference school/s.

If an offer is withdrawn as a result of fraudulent or misleading information or because you have not informed us of a change in circumstances after you have applied that could affect your child’s application (such as the loss of a sibling link) you will need to reapply using the correct information. If a place is subsequently refused when your application is reconsidered, you have a right of appeal.

Right of appeal

If you are not offered a place for your child at your preferred school you have the right to appeal against the decision to an independent Appeals Panel. However please be aware the panel has very limited grounds to uphold an appeal because of infant class size legislation which limits these year groups to a maximum of 30 children per qualified teacher.

If you want to appeal for more than one school you will need to appeal separately for each one.

You can only appeal for a school if you have applied and been refused admission to the school (not because a higher preference was offered).

You can't appeal if an offer is removed on the grounds of misleading or fraudulent information, unless you reapply for the school using the correct information and a place is subsequently refused.

Submitting an appeal does not affect your position on the waiting list.

You will not improve your chances of winning an appeal by refusing the allocated alternative school place – this has no bearing on your appeal. Appeals forms should be returned by 20 May to ensure it is heard before the end of the summer term.

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