Applying for Transfer places

Applying for Transfer places

Applications open: 1 September 2022

Applications close: 31 October 2022

National Offer Day: 01 March 2023


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Making the right choice

Find and compare schools

Use this search tool to find schools. This search tool allows you to :

  • search for schools by postcode
  • check school Ofsted ratings
  • filter schools by religion

Find and compare schools

Visit the school

Visiting a school helps you decide whether it's right for your child. You'll be able to speak to teacher and ask questions.

Schools may have open days or you contact them to arrange a time to view the school.

Are you likely to be offered a place?

Each school has their own set of rules that they use to decide which children to offer a place to. This is called the oversubscription criteria and can be found in the school's admissions policy.

You can see how places were offered in previous years in the below link: 

All applications are ranked using these rules. School preference order is only used if we can offer a place in more than one school, at which point we will offer the school which is your highest preference.

Oversubscription criteria example
  • Read the oversubscription criteria for each school.
  • Check which category your child comes under (see individual school's website)


Ahmed applied to North East Secondary as their first preference. Ahmed's child is not offered a place there, even though they live close to the school.

There were more applications than places so the school used their oversubscription criteria to decide who to give places to. One hundred places were available:

  • one place went to a child who had been adopted (category 1)
  • sixty places went to children who attended a feeder school (category 2)
  • twenty places went to children with a brother or sister at the school (category 3) 
  • one place went to a child with an exceptional medical need meaning they could only go to that school (category 4)
  • the remaining eighteen places went to children who lived closer to the school than Ahmed and his child (category 5)

Instead, Ahmed was offer a place at their second preference of North Academy which also had one hundred places available:

  • seventy places went to children who attended a feeder school (category 2)
  • ten places went to children who had a brother or sister at the school (category 3)
  • twenty places when to children who lived near the school, including Ahmed's child (category 4)

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