Coach Bays

Coach Bays

In the City Centre there are two official drop off/pick up points for coaches, these are both situated on Pilgrim Street.

The first coach bay is for coaches only and the sign advises of the restriction, please see below.

 Coach bay sign, has an image of a coach and advises ‘15 mins no return within 1 hour

The second coach bay is designated for a number of users and is classed as a shared use bay. The bay is designated for taxis from 6.30pm – 8am, Loading purposes – 6.30pm for 15 minutes as well as coaches for a period of 15 minutes, please see sign below.

The shared use sign is for taxis, loading and coaches. The first part of the sign is yellow with a no waiting symbol and states ‘No waiting 6.30pm – 8am except taxis’. Underneath is the loading symbol advising ‘8am – 6.30pm loading 15 minutes. Then a picture of a coach advising ’15 mins no return within 1 hour

Both signs mean a coach can be parked in the bay, but only for a maximum of 15 minutes.  The coach is not allowed to return to the same bay until 1 hour later.   

Coaches are also allowed to drop off and pick up passengers on yellow lines, however they are not allowed to wait on the yellow lines for passengers.

There is a longer stay parking for coaches on Ord Street coach/lorry car park NE4 7AD.  There are 13 spaces in this off street car park for coaches.