Best Practice Premises Inspection Programme

Best Practice Premises Inspection Programme

What is the Best Practice Premises Inspection Programme?

This is a new programme from October 2019 that involves an on-site inspection of all licenced premises which will lead to premises being rated on their compliance, with the rating score being used to determine future inspection timeframes.

For those premises with a licence to sell alcohol after midnight the inspection will be used to determine whether a levy discount is possible. The same Inspection Document will be used for all premises and will be made accessible following the inspection.


The following resources support premises to comply with the programme:

The statement of Licensing Policy and Drugs Protocol

Guidance on health and safety risk assessments

Support and advice on tackling sexual harassment

Public Health Drug and alcohol awareness training for staff

Promote staff Health and wellbeing and sign up to the Better Health at Work award

Harm reduction information on drugs and alcohol

Advice from Balance around alcohol units and their free downloadable app.

Promote the availability of non alcoholic drinks with Clubsoda

Provide information on local drug and alcohol advice and support

Information on support and advice services for domestic abuse

Information on support and advice if you have experienced sexual assault

Information on stop smoking advice and support

Protection of Children from harm

Display information on challenge 21/25

Display information on the what's the harm campaign 

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