Pests in Public Spaces

We are happy to treat pest infestations in residents homes and gardens, as well as business premises and within property boundaries, in line with our treatment guidance.

Pests such as rats are always present in urban areas and we know that it can be distressing seeing rats in your neighbourhood. Rats actively seek out food, water and shelter. Sewers and drains are a common rat dwelling, as well as hidey holes in sheds and outbuildings.  In any urban areas you are likely to be near rats so we would also advise that businesses and properties in the area take steps to secure their waste and make sure there are no places that could provide shelter.

Fly-tipping and littering can compound pest problems and are quick ways to encourage rats. Waste should be bagged and containerised. Bin lids should be kept closed and bagged waste should not be left lying and unsecured. 

Everyone should work together to help control rats. It is easier to prevent infestations than to remove them. Killing them is not a long-term solution as other rats will simply move into the newly available spaces. Prevention is the best long-term way to get rid of rodents. Ideally pest Control officers need to treat the source with structures or holes the rats can live and shelter in. This is not likely to be a road, pavement, lane or a bin.

Just because a rat is seen on a street or road that does not mean it will stay there. We strongly recommend that residents and businesses get treatment carried out on their property if they have concerns. The more people who have treatment carried out, the sooner the problem will be resolved.

Please note that we cannot do things like put down poison and traps in spaces like back lanes. This can pose a risk to pets and wildlife, and people can move them. This would also stop us from monitoring the treatment.

Other groups to contact:

  • Public Safety and Regulation may be able to assist in cases where there is a significant amount of waste, rubbish or other food sources at a location that may encourage pests. This might be something like a yard filled with black bags or a large fly-tip. They may also be able to assist if you suspect that a business or shop is encouraging pests by poor waste management. If you have the property address you can email
  • If you need to report a pest issue in one of the Urban Green Newcastle Parks please contact them directly
  • If you need to report a pest issue to do with a Your Homes Newcastle property that you do not live in, please contact the relevant housing officer.
  • Northumbrian Water can also be notified of any issues concerning drains and sewers Rodents (


If you need advice but do not want to book treatment please contact us by calling 0191 2787878.

If you have any issues with Pest Control that are not covered on these pages or you are not able to use the online forms, please call 0191 2787878 and ask for "Pest Control" to see if we can help you.