Developers and bins for new builds

Developers and bins for new builds

Developers and provision of wheeled bin containers

The Council no longer provides free of charge wheeled bins for household refuse and recycling for new properties. The Council is seeking from developers an undertaking to pay for the provision of bins. Ideally developers should have bins in place before new occupants move in to these new developments. These charges are a one off cost for supply of the bins; the bins remain the property of the City Council. Alternatively, developers are required to provide containers which meet the specification outlined by the Council.

When the resident moves on from the property, the bins remain for the next resident to use. Bins must not be moved between properties by residents.

We can advise on the following:

  • Refuse and recycling storage for residential developments

  • Arrangements for separation and storage of waste for recycling

  • Access requirements for collection

The developer guidance flowchart (pdf 187 kb)sets out the process.

Who to Contact

Please contact our Commercial Services Team for guidance, quotes and assessment. Please note this does not cover specialised materials e.g. healthcare, food, hazardous waste.

To order bins for your development:

For advice on how many bins you should provide, please contact Public Safety and Regulation:

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