Mental health rehabilitation and crisis flats

Mental health rehabilitation and crisis flats

There are 12 dedicated rehabilitation flats and 4 crisis flats for people with mental health concerns in Newcastle.

Crisis Flats

Crisis flats are available if you are in having a mental health crisis and cannot manage in your own home but do not need to be admitted to hospital admission. You will need to be referred by council staff such as, crisis resolution home team or by care coordinators. When going to stay in a crisis flat you should bring with you:

  • clothes
  • toiletries
  • prescribed medication 
  • enough money to manage your meals


Rehabilitation Flats

Referrals are made by the Council staff such as, Crisis resolution home team or by Care coordinators. Flats can be rented through a licence agreement for up to 2 years.


Support available at the Rehabilitation and Crisis Flats

The team Scrogg Road is made up of:

  • Team Leader oversees the delivery of your recovery support service
  • Coordinator carries out the assessment to identify your needs and agree your support plan with you
  • Health and Social Care Officer works with you in your home or community to regain your skills, increase your confidence and independence

You will be allocated a Coordinator and a Health and Social Care Officer who will meet with you regularly to help you set goals and work towards them. Together we will explore your strengths and how these can be used to address any difficulties you are experiencing.

We offer help with:

  • tenancy arrangements such as, utilities and bills, moving home, personal and home safety, managing your domestic environment and relationships with your neighbours
  • health and wellbeing support with your mental or physical health, medication, addiction, personal relationships, faith and beliefs
  • managing money support with budgeting, benefits and debt
  • life skills support with motivation, hygiene confidence building and nutrition
  • personal development such as, employment, volunteering, education, practical daily skills, leisure and hobbies
  • community involvement including support with travel and accessing community resources

Facilities at the Rehabilitation and Crisis Flats

Accommodation is over 3 floors. Each flat is self contained with a kitchen, bathroom and living area. There are 2 communal areas with:

  • a lounge with TV and Kitchen
  • a pool room
  • Wi-Fi 
  • access to a computer

Your health

Bring your prescribed medication with you. Medication must have been dispensed by a pharmacist and have pharmacy labels with your name on. You may self-administer, where appropriate.


What to expect from the team

You can expect us to:

  • respect your privacy and dignity
  • share information about you with other professionals on a need to know basis and with your permission.
  • listen to your views
  • help you remain as independent as possible
  • respect your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or culture
  • ensure our staff are trained to support you

What we expect from you:

  • a safe environment in your home
  • tell us of any changes which may affect the support you receive
  • you engage with the overall goals of Reablement
  • to tell us if you are going out or away
  • give us feedback on our service
  • treat our staff with respect


You can visit the Crisis or Rehabilitation flats up to 9 pm (21:00 hours) at night.

Need more information?

Contact Rehabilitation and Crisis Flats:

Telephone: 0191 278 8202


Address: 49 Scrogg Road


Newcastle upon Tyne


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