Mental Health Recovery Support Community Outreach

Mental Health Recovery Support Community Outreach

The Recovery Support Team support Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) tenants with mental health problems in the community to live as independently as possible. It’s your recovery. We support you to make the changes you want to see in your life.

 We offer help with:

  • tenancy arrangements such as, utilities and bills, moving home, personal and home safety, managing your domestic environment and relationships with your neighbours
  • health and wellbeing support with your mental or physical health, medication, addiction, and personal relationships
  • managing money support with budgeting, benefits and debt
  • life skills support with motivation, hygiene confidence building and nutrition
  • personal development such as, employment, volunteering, education, practical daily skills, leisure and hobbies
  • community involvement including support with travel and accessing community resources

Once you have identified your goals we will support you to achieve them. We will put you at the centre of decision making. Helping you to become more resilient, confident, and independent.

Our support is provided on a time-limited basis to work towards specific goals with you. The length of time we work with you will be dependent on your needs.


How to get help from the Recovery Support Team

Adults can be referred to the recovery support team by either:

  • your GP
  • council staff such as Community Health and Social Care Direct 
  • NHS staff such as a Community Psychiatric Nurse
  • you can self refer by contacting Community Health and Social Care Direct

When you are referred we will meet you. You can invite a relative, friend or advocate to these meetings. We will contact your Psychiatric nurse if you have one.

If you receive mental health services you may have a Care Coordinator. We may need to contact Care Coordinator to discuss how best we can support you.

What to expect from the Recovery Support Team

You can expect us to:

  • respect your privacy and dignity
  • share information about you with other professionals on a need to know basis and with your permission.
  • listen to your views
  • help you remain as independent as possible
  • respect your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or culture
  • ensure our staff are trained to support you

What we expect from you

  • a safe environment in your home
  • tell us of any changes which may affect the support you receive
  • you engage with the overall goals of reablement
  • to tell us if you are going out or away
  • give us feedback on our service
  • treat our staff with respect


Support available from the Recovery Support Team

The team is made up of:

  • Team Leader oversees the delivery of your recovery support service
  • Coordinator carries out the assessment to identify your needs and agree your support plan with you
  • Health and Social Care Officer works with you in your home or community to regain your skills, increase your confidence and independence

You will be allocated a Coordinator and a Health and Social Care Officer who will meet with you regularly to help you set goals and work towards them. Together we will explore your strengths and how these can be used to address any difficulties you are experiencing.


Your views

We always welcome your feedback, we will use this information to look at ways of  improving our service. 

If you have a complaint or problem with our service please contact the Health & Social Care Coordinator or Team Leader named in your support plan. We will always try to resolve any problems with you informally, but if you are unhappy with the outcome, or you do not wish to share your complaint with us, then it is important that you know that Newcastle Council has a formal complaints procedure you can follow.


Need more information?

Contact Recovery Support Community Outreach:

Direct Telephone: 0191 278 8202

Opening hours: 9 to 5 pm


Community Health and Social Care Direct manage email and the textphone

Textphone: 0191 278 8359

Address: Recovery Support Team

Care Services

Newcastle City Council

2nd Floor Westgate College Complex

West Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne


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