Killingworth Road

Killingworth Road update 3 October 2019

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Two-way traffic signals will be in operation on Killingworth Road from Monday 7 October for up to 10 weeks. 

The programme is reaching the stage where all new utilities have been installed and we are removing old utilities. This has left a trench down the middle of the road which needs to backfilled and new foundations laid to join the new carriageways together.

To do this, we need to operate two-way lights to filter single-lane traffic through a narrow area which will create queues at peak periods.

The temporary traffic signals and mitigation measures that will operate until mid-December, when the works to join the roads are complete, are:

  • Two-way lights from Haddricks Mill junction to the Metro Bridge to restrict the flow of traffic under the bridge
  • The removal of the northbound bus lane on Four Lanes End in Longbenton
  • Salters Bridge to re-open to vehicles from 13 October

The works to join the carriageway should last for 10 weeks, with the two-way light system removed by mid-December.

Construction work is on-going and will continue into Spring 2020.

Salters Bridge update

We will open Salters Bridge to vehicles from the 13 October.

We know some residents and community groups have concerns about traffic using the bridge again and we will closely monitor the situation.

We have not decided on the long-term future of the bridge and we will consult on this early in the New Year.

Once Salters Bridge is open, we will continue to collect data on travel methods people use to cross the bridge as well as air quality levels in the area. This information will be included as part of the consultation on the long-term future of the bridge.


Image of what the completed project coudl look like

Background information on the project

In 2017, we worked with Nexus to install a new Metro bridge and widen the road which leads on to Haddricks Mill roundabouts in South Gosforth, to reduce congestion, smooth traffic flow and increase safety to one of the main commuter routes into Newcastle.

We closed Salters Bridge to stop rat-running through residential streets. Salters Bridge will remain closed until later in the summer. We will make a full announcement in due course.

The next stage of the project was to divert three major gas pipes and further utilities work.

The project was beset with difficulties during the gas pipes replacement programme with Northern Gas Networks which caused it to severely over-run.

Initially a phased opening was in operation with a safe route through the road works for pedestrians and cyclists and southbound traffic only. Now we are at the stage of the scheme where we have enough space on the carriageway to allow two-way traffic back on the road.

We are now at the last stages of the works with installing widened footpaths, cycle lane, bus lane, vehicle lane and safer crossings.

Construction work will continue into early 2020.

Once complete, the project will improve air quality, reduce journey times and improve public transport reliability on one of the major commuter routes into the city.

Did you know?

Connecting key junctions across the city - the improvements to Killingworth Road are part of a wider package of corridor improvements that run from Cowgate to the north of the city in Gosforth. We have completed work on Cowgate, we're currently working on Killingworth Road and Haddricks Mill and when they are complete, we will start work on Blue House.

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