Haddricks Mill junction

Haddricks Mill junction

A well-known collision hotspot, we  made it safer, smoothed traffic flow and upgraded the ageing infrastructure.

How the completed Haddricks Mill junction will look

Background information

Six roads converge onto the junction which is used by tens of thousands of commuters each day, before construction began queues built up at peak periods, leading to longer journey times and affecting air quality in the area.

We aligned the lanes on approach to the junction to improve lane discipline, re-positioned the mini-roundabouts to increase capacity and installed new pedestrian and cycling facilities, better signage and new intelligent crossing controllers and lights.

The new toucan crossings will help balance traffic flow at peak hours – reducing high levels of congestion and improving air quality.

We've also renovated the bridge the junction sits on to expand its lifespan.

The main programme of work began Spring 2019. 

The works are a scaled down version of the proposals we consulted on in 2016 and addresses many of the concerns raised by residents such as the size of the junction, changes to access to a local housing estate and proposed banned turns and movements.

The project received £4m from the Government’s Local Growth Deal through the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The Local Growth deal is supporting major capital investments to promote innovation, economic and skills infrastructure and sustainable transport as part of the North East Growth Deal.

Did you know?

Connecting key junctions across the city - the improvements to Haddricks Mill double roundabout were part of a wider package of corridor improvements that run from Cowgate to the north of the city in Gosforth.

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