Selective Licensing of Privately Rented Properties

The Housing Act 2004 provided councils with the power to introduce licensing of privately rented properties in selected areas. This is with the aim of improving conditions for local tenants and the surrounding community. Selective Licensing requires that within a designated area all private rented properties are licensed. Certain standards and conditions are required to be met in order for a licence to be granted.

For further information, please read the General Guide to Selective Licensing. (pdf, 149kb)

There are currently two areas in Newcastle which are designated selective licencing areas.

Byker Old Town and Allendale Road South

This area has been a designated selective licensing area since April 2011. Following a formal assessment and consultation process, the Council have introduced a further scheme to the area which will run from 1 October 2016 until no later than 30 September 2021.

See links below to the area subject to licensing (Byker boundary map and street list), the Byker Selective Licensing Scheme evaluation report, the cabinet report and the legal notice about the designation.

Greater High Cross

This area has been designated since 2010. The current scheme came into effect on 12 October 2015 and will run to no later than 11 October 2020. See links below to the evaluation report, cabinet report and the legal notice about the designation.

 Licence Fees

Standard fee for a valid application £550
Reduction in fee for subsequent application £40
Reduction in fee for membership of the NLA or other nationally recognised accreditation scheme or being accredited with the Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme £100

The licence fee must be paid in full when an application is made. Please note that we cannot accept paying by installments.

Making an Application for a licence

All applications for a licence must be made on line using the link below. Model procedures have been developed to help landlords to comply with the licensing conditions. In the application form you can indicate that you agree to follow these model procedures or you can send us copies of your own procedures.

Click here to apply and pay for a licence

Guidance Documents

The following guidance documents provide advice and support on managing properties within the selective licensing area:

Training for Licence holders

Licence holders are expected to improve and maintain their knowledge and competency by undertaking training and development in housing related matters. It is expected that licence holders will complete at least five hours training per year and this is a condition of a licence. This may include attendance on training courses relating to housing either locally or nationally, completing a recognised online training course or even attending a relevant private landlord meeting or event. Evidence to support this must be produced to the licensing team on demand.

The Private Rented Service (pdf, 240kb) offer courses which would assist in complying with this requirement of the licence. Please contact the Private Rented Service in relation to course dates and costs on 0191 2771438 or email: or visit

Contact us

Should you need to contact the Selective Licensing Team as a Landlord or Managing Agent:


Phone: 0191 2116102

If you live in the Selective Licensing area and wish to complain about any issues in your property or problems with your Landlord:


Phone: 0191 2116102

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26 January 2018
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