We are currently reviewing our continuum of support for people with complex needs, which includes services we provide to people with learning disability and autism.

We have a wide range of support that we are really proud of this includes:

  • Community Living Networks where people who live close to each other get support from a volunteer worker who also lives nearby;
  • A wide range of home care and tenancies with support where people live in their own homes and get support at either certain times of day or from a team who live with them all the time.
  • Newer schemes like Community Clusters and Concierge Plus which provide dedicated support to people with a range of different needs who live in their own apartment or bungalow.

These services do a great job and people have a wide range of choice, but we know there are things we could do better.

We think there are some gaps in that range of services which mean we can sometimes under provide or over provide services, which can sometimes end up costing us more.

We think there are two new types of service we could create that would fill those gaps and provide the right place to live for people who need more support. 

We also think that how we describe services can be confusing. For example, we have about 300 people with a learning disability living in about 150 different houses that we usually call ‘Independent Supported Living’ (ISL). The thing is, all those people are really different, the houses themselves are different, and the support is different. Therefore ISL means lots of different things depending on who you talk to, and we need to be able to describe it better for people so that they can understand the types of support that will best meet their needs.

Over the summer Inclusion North and Skills for People spoke to service users, carers and providers, to gather views on our proposals and on what was important to them when choosing where to live. We will use this feedback to help inform the design of the new services. 

We have seven short videos describing our current provision and two videos describing the new services, Virtual Clusters and Enhanced Concierge Plus. You can view these videos on Youtube here.

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2 November 2017
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