Changes to the benefits system

Changes to the benefits system

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The Government is making major changes to the benefits system which affect many groups of people, generally known as ‘welfare reforms’. For example, some benefits are being replaced by Universal Credit, with increased work related responsibilities, some benefits are being capped and others are being cut and replaced

Benefit changes timeline from 2011 onwards including coronavirus and benefit changes (pdf, 1,295kb)  

Find out more about Universal Credit

Find out more about the benefit cap

These changes and many more can also be found in the following web pages: 

Please note that someone might be in more than one group

Parts of the DWP Social Fund, which provides one-off help, were replaced by two new council schemes from April 2013. Find out about the Supporting Independence Scheme (SIS) - the replacement for Community Care Grants and the Crisis Support Scheme(CSS) - the replacement for the Crisis Loans

What can I do if I'm affected by the changes?

Where can I go for further advice?

Benefit Bulletins 

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