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Works executed in a street to place apparatus, inspect, maintain, adjust, repair, alter or renew apparatus, change the position of apparatus or remove it, or works required for or incidental to any such works (including, in particular, breaking up or opening the street, or any sewer, drain or tunnel under it, or tunnelling or boring under the street) are known as street works. 

Most street works are carried out by utility companies (water, electricity, gas and telecommunication) which have statutory rights to place and maintain their apparatus in order to supply services to their customers. Utility companies are known as statutory undertakers and will have a unique National Street Gazetteer reference from the Department for Transport. The transfer of information relating to utility company’s street works is by using the electric transfer of notices (EToN). In order to transfer information between the utility company and Newcastle City Council, utility companies will need to supply their own unique operational district batch file.

Anyone wishing to carry out street works who does not have a statutory right to do so, must apply to the Highway Authority for a licence for individual works. Please see contractors licence page.

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Is this page useful?